Xiaomi Mi Dash Cam 1S | Dash Camera | WIFI DVR
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Xiaomi Mi Dash Cam 1S | Dash Camera | WIFI DVR

Xiaomi Mi Dash Cam 1S | Dash Camera | WIFI DVR

CODE: XIAOMI DASH CAM 1S / EAN: 6934177703409
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Improved low-light recording quality

Insufficient light can effectively reduce image quality and cause blur where the important subject you want to capture should be. One of the secrets to high-definition footage is proper lighting, so harsh lighting conditions, especially at night, are the most difficult to record. Most car cameras have poor light manipulation capabilities. MiJia has developed a camera with an f/1.8 a perture and a 6-element glass lens to record sharp images in low light.


Sensitive Sony IMX323 CMOS image sensor

Basically, two main elements determine the video quality: the amount of light the sensor receives and the light transmission efficiency of the sensor. The MiJia camera is equipped with an advanced SONY IMX323 CMOS sensor, which allows you to take excellent images day and night. The sensitivity of the sensor is up to 510 mV, which makes it possible to identify objects in the weakest light.


Mstar Full HD image processing chip

This recorder capture the license plate of an undisciplined driver on the road, or spot the features of a potential hijacker when a car is parked near the store where you stopped to shop. Every detail of the video is valuable at a critical moment. The MiJia DVR can do all this with its Full HD (1080p) video processing technology. It also supports real-time H.264 video compression and delivers detailed zoom video in all lighting conditions.


Download movies without an internet connection

If you want to review footage of driving around town from a few days ago, the best tool for this is a smartphone app. You can download video from your car camera using WiFi. You also have the option to use your smartphone as a streaming device to have a closer panoramic view of what's happening on the road.


Elegant and practical

The Mi Dash Cam 1S DVR comes with a suction cup so you can easily mount it on your windshield. It can also be easily removed without leaving a mark on the glass. The suction cup is also heat resistant, so exposing it to direct sunlight will not weaken its grip.



General Specifications
Manufacturer Xiaomi
Model MiJia Car Driving Recorder Camera (Mi Dash Cam 1S)
Type Car DVR
Dimensions 87.5 mm × 53 mm × 18 mm
Weight 90 g
Camera sensor SONY IMX323, 1/2.9-inch CMOS
Image processor Mstar MSC8328P
Lens Large F1.8 aperture, 160° viewing angle
Resolution 1920×1080
Display Touch screen 3.0 inchTFT HD LCD
Sound Built-in microphone and speakers
Connectivity Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
Power supply car lighter connector 5V / 2.0A
Mounting heat-resistant plastic suction cup
Battery Capacity 240mAh
Colour Black
The package contains: MiJia Car DVR x1
Car holder x1
Charging cable x1
User manual x1


How to install the DVR in the car?

1 Place the electrostatic sticker on the windshield. It is recommended to place it near the rearview mirror.
2) Connect the camera to the base.
3. glue the base onto the electrostatic sticker
Connect the power cable to the cigarette lighter.


What is the best way to route the power cord to the cigarette lighter?

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