Xiaomi Yesoul Spin Bike S3 Black | Training bike |
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Xiaomi Yesoul Spin Bike S3 Black | Training bike |

Xiaomi Yesoul Spin Bike S3 Black | Training bike |

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Quiet exercise bike Yesoul S3

The Yesoul S3 Exercise Bike from Xiaomi allows you to enjoy gentle, light workouts or exercises in the comfort of your own home. The Xiaomi Yesoul X3 bike is the perfect addition to your home gym and can provide users with a comfortable cardio workout.

Yesoul S3

A well-thought-out design

The Yesoul S3 bike is made of a sturdy frame that can support loads up to 120 kg. In addition, the pedals are equipped with anti-slip pads. Slipping of the foot is therefore excluded even with heavy loads and when reaching the maximum speed. The built-in adjustment system allows you to select the required load depending on the recommendations of your training program and your capabilities.

Yesoul S3

Quiet and smooth operation

Yesoul S3 bike is equipped with advanced belt drive, reluctance system and smooth belt transmission. All of this ensures exceptional quiet operation, without any unnecessary braking noise.

Yesoul S3

A multitude of advanced features

The soft seat is flexible enough not to put undue pressure on your buttocks and spine. The Yesoul S3 bike ensures a secure and comfortable fit. In addition, the built-in magnetron uses a patented braking system to ensure quiet operation. To drive the bike, rubber belts are used to ensure smooth power transmission.

Yesoul S3

Intelligent control via app

The Yesoul app supports a variety of smart features, offering new exercises and effective calorie burning methods every day (up to 2,000 exercises in total). Workout progress are visually displayed on the screen, allowing users to easily control the mode and change accordingly when needed.

Yesoul S3

Without power cord

Yesoul S3 bike is equipped with a generator that generates energy when pedaling, thus providing power. With no wires and independence from an outlet, the Yesoul S3 bike can be placed in any room.


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Colour Black

Technical data:
Resistance system Magnetron resistance system
Resistance mode Magnetic resistance
A wide range of applications Office, home
Product size 1000 mm x 510 mm x 1250 mm (length, width, height)
Flywheel weight 7,5 kg
Height limit 150 ~ 188 cm
Maximum load 120kg
Weight 31 kg
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