F400 | ONT | 1x EPON, 3x RJ45 100Mb/s, 1x RJ45 1000Mb/s
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F400 | ONT | 1x EPON, 3x RJ45 100Mb/s, 1x RJ45 1000Mb/s

F400 | ONT | 1x EPON, 3x RJ45 100Mb/s, 1x RJ45 1000Mb/s

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ZTE F400 - EPON ONU terminal

The ZTE F400 terminal provides high quality triple-play services, including IPTV, VoIP and high-speed Internet access.

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Style and lower costs

ZTE F400 is made in a compact, modern style and has features that make it energy efficient. With the TR069 and OAM protocols, remote management and diagnostics are possible and maintenance costs are much lower.

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High-speed network

The EPON optical port in F400 will allow you to maintain a fast Internet connection. The used Gigabit Ethernet and 3 Fast Ethernet connector will allow to connect devices to the network via a cable, which will ensure a stable and efficient connection.

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Features / filters
Number of LAN ports 1x 10/100/1000BaseTX (RJ45), 3x 10/100BaseTX (RJ45),
PON standard EPON

EPC interface 1 x EPON SC/UPC

Transmission speed:
-Transmission: 1,244 Gb/s
-Receipt: 2.448 Gb/s

Wave length:
-Transmission: 1290-1330 nm
-Reception: 1480-1500 nm

Affection: -28 dBm
Other interfaces 1 x Gigabit Ethernet port
3 x Fast Ethernet port
Modes of operation Bridge
Dimensions 180 x 38 x 127 mm
Working conditions Temperature: 0°C to 40°C
Humidity: 5% to 95%
Features of GPON 8 x T-CONT
32 x GEM port
Features of the network VLAN (802.1Q, 802.1P, 802.1ad)
DHCP server/client
Dual IPv6 stack
Management Local via Web
Power supply Input voltage: 12 V DC
Maximum power consumption: Up to 7W


What is Gigabit Ethernet in the ZTE F400?

Standard Gigabit Ethernet, which is supported by one gigabit Ethernet port on a ZTE F400 network device. It will allow the device to be wired to the network and data transmission at speeds up to 1 Gb/s.

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