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In this tutorial, we will present basic configuration of Cisco RV260 (router) and Cisco SG250X-24 (switch) devices. On this basis, we will provide access to the Internet service to our customers. The whole configuration will be based on the following network topology diagram: two subnets in two VLANs (10 and 20) and simple configuration of Cisco router. We invite you to read on.
A short step-by-step guide showing how to configure VLAN networks based on Mikrotik and Cisco devices. As our main router, we will use a very powerful Mikrotik RB4011IGS+RM, while the switch will perform Cisco SF350-24. Our network will be divided into several segments: IT department, accounting and DMZ zone, where we have a WWW server.
MikroTik netPower 15FR otherwise known as CRS318-1Fi-15Fr-2S-OUT, is a powerful switch that is part of the MikroTik GPEN concept. The GPEN concept (alternative to GPON) is designed to provide speed and versatility of fiber optic network, while taking advantage of the advantages of Ethernet. netPower 15FR is equipped with 15 PoE reversible ports and depending on the configuration, netPower can draw the necessary amount of power even from one client.
In this guide we will try to prove that the MikroTik devices, despite the common opinion, fulfill the role of WiFi routers for office or business applications. Read it and you will learn how to squeeze out results comparable to other wireless devices of the same class from MikroTik devices.
Automatic network settings Ubiquiti UniFi are in most cases sufficient, but what can be done if the coverage needs to be increased due to existing obstacles or growing demand? What could be the reason for this situation? Check what are the classic ways to increase your WiFi range, what affects it and how the UniFi and AP configuration looks like step by step.
What home surveillance camera? How much do you really have to pay for monitoring camera? Which WiFi camera to buy? You will find the answer to all these questions in our guide. We invite you to read it.
Ubiquiti Inc. presented another solution all-in-one, but this time in Pro version (UDM-Pro). UniFi Dream Machine Pro is an extremely powerful unit that combines the features of a UniFi controller, security gateway and a video recorder based on the UniFi Protect system. We invite you to read a detailed description of the products.
Finally, the long-awaited update to the wireless router Totolink A3002RU-V2 has arrived, which brings a lot of new functionality. Band Steering, VPN server, Iperf server are just some of the improvements. We invite you to read it.
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