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Personalization of devices for our customers!


Batna24 meets the expectations of our customers! Especially at your request, dear customers, we introduce a new service laser printing on virtually all devices and goods purchased in our store!

Our offer includes making personalized prints on products purchased from Depending on the material, the print can be obtained in shades of black and white. Graphics can be applied to flat surfaces made of plastic or aluminium. Personalized graphics can be printed on e.g. boxes, muffs, ONT/ONU devices, WiFi routers, switches, access points or subscriber sockets.
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Our prints are characterized by excellent quality and durability. Unlike, for example, stickers, screen printing or pad printing, our engraving will not fade with time or under the influence of weather conditions. Personalized graphics on subscriber devices or cans not only are a great advertisement for ISP operators but they also allow to leave your contact information for the customer. What's more! Prints on switches or junction boxes many times help in identification. All this greatly facilitates contact with the ISP operator, both for current and new customers.
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In order to make an imprint, a vector graphics file in *.ai or *.pdf format is required. We need a file with vector graphics in *.ai or *.pdf format, which will then be applied to a specific product. The whole service takes place in our office, so we guarantee a fast turnaround time.

Price list:
  • from 2.99 PLN brutto* in case of wholesale orders (minimum 50 pcs of a given model)
  • from 50 PLN brutto * for individual orders**.
Please send any questions to

*the cost of the imprint is calculated individually depending on the size of the imprint and the number of ordered products.
** time of realisation for individual orders is up to 5 working days.
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