Cambium in 60GHz technology - another to fight for 60GHz band |

Cambium in 60GHz technology - another to fight for 60GHz band

60GHz technology has extremely many advantages. Devices that have the ability to use this band give many more options to network users. More and more companies are looking to develop production systems to bring products with 60GHz technology to market . It is no wonder that companies are putting a strong emphasis on implementing this solution - corporate users are eager to take advantage of these capabilities. Silicon methods are already being used, much cheaper than the older methods using expensive gallium arsenide. This makes that there will be more and more devices in 60 GHz technology. In addition, they will reach prices that will not only satisfy businesses, but will allow to use the advantages of such network connections also by home users. On the podium of the companies that produce 60GHz devices there is Cambium
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More about the Cambium Networks brand

It is a brand that has been in the market for 10 years. It manufactures and distributes network devices of various types including access points, routers, modems and more. It creates high-bandwidth products that can cope even in locations exposed to high noise. The brand creates multipoint and two-point solutions, leverages the cloud and offers its products to different types of customers. These include internet providers in addition to developed enterprises, but also government institutions, the military and huge corporations. The brand's products use the maximum potential of network capabilities, filter the signal, and can be configured automatically. They connect to the network in a secure way with high bandwidth. More and more public institutions and international companies with big capital use the offer of Cambium company.

60GHz technology - what does it allow?

The 60Ghz band is characterized by high security, the military has been using it for years. This technology allows for the best - incomparable to other solutions - frequency levels. In addition, the signal is extremely strong, and the transmission can be omnidirectional. The 60GHz technology will benefit not only businesses, but also home users who have docking stations supporting multiple devices. The 60GHz band achieves high connection stability.
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Cambium Networks and 60GHz Technology

The company keeps introducing new solutions and already produces many devices using 60GHz technology. They are also available in our online shop - see our offer and contact us if you have any questions. Cambium is another brand, which with its products ensures the use of low-density broadband connections, thanks to which it is possible to increase the connection efficiency. Fast connectivity, high throughput, and much easier configuration - these are the features of Cambium products using the 60GHz standard. The brand introduces more and more devices in 60GHz technology - meet them!

60GHz devices from Cambium

The first notable device is the cnWave V5000. It is a base station that allows to connect up to 30 client terminals or four distribution nodes. The station can be used both in PTP and PMP configuration. The throughput can be up to 15.2 Gbps. There is an option of connecting adjacent channels, the supported protocols are IPv4, IPv. It can operate in low and very high temperatures - the range is from -40ºC to as high as 60ºC. Another device worth mentioning is 60GHz cnWave V1000 - it is a small client terminal with throughput up to 2 Gbps and access to TMDA/TDD channel. The frequency range is 57 to 66 GHz, has access to TMDA/TDD channel, uses 128-bit AES encryption. It is resistant to wind (up to 200 km/h), has a very low weight - only 0.25 kg. The next product from Cambium is 60GHz cnWave V3000. It is another client terminal which is compatible with the antenna dedicated for this device. It supports the same band as its predecessor. However, it has efficient antenna with 0.8 degree beam. The device guarantees high energy gain - 44.5 dBi. It weighs less than 4 kilograms. Ethernet interface consists of 1 x 100/1000/10 G BaseT with PoE input, 1 x 100/1000 BaseT with PoE input, 802.3at 1 x SFP .

These are modern network devices using 60GHz technology. They are not only efficient but also use secure encryption methods and are distinguished by their long life and high resistance. They allow to combine channels and use different operating modes (PMP, MESH or PTP). They support two protocols: IPv4 and IPv6. The terminals have comfortable handles. Cambium Networks is ahead of a number of companies manufacturing wireless communication devices. It gradually introduces more and more devices working in 60GHz band. In our e-shop you can find many products of this brand, created on the basis of other technologies, which are perfect for your company, but also for home. We encourage you to visit our website and buy modern and efficient network devices for home and business users.

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