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Power systems

Sudden power cuts can spoil a lot of blood, but there is a way to protect yourself from them. Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) are devices whose task is to maintain the power supply in connected equipment. They are crucial for the efficient functioning of server rooms, offices and service premises, but more and more often they are also used in home use, where they can be connected to any electronic and electrical devices and extend their operation in the event of a power failure. Depending on the model specification of a given UPS, they not only react to power failures, but also monitor power parameters and correct voltage drops and spikes. With the increasing need to use electronic equipment in every place, it may be useful to have power banks. The small dimensions of this type of device make carrying them with you very easy and the threat of discharging the phone or camera ceases to matter. The large capacity of modern powerbanks makes them extend the operation of smartphones by two or three times!

Power accessories

Thanks to the rich offer of our store, you do not have to worry about any problems with the power supply. A wide selection of power adapters of different power will come to the rescue if you need to charge your laptop, camera or other network device. POE extralinks are also noteworthy, they appear in many versions, which differ, inter alia, in the number of ports that transmit power using a cable adapted to Ethernet. Power strips available in the store are adapted to RACK cabinets, which makes them ideal for organizing power systems in server rooms. The batteries we offer are characterized by high resistance to shocks and vibrations as well as weather phenomena. Their smaller external dimensions and weight mean that they can be installed in places with a smaller area. They are perfect for UPS, as well as photovoltaic installations, wheelchairs or golf carts.

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