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Dedicated servers

Having your own dedicated server is a great convenience and development opportunities for your home or business. It guarantees the stability of the parameters of the page placed on it, and also enables the use of its full resources (disk space, RAM memory, processing power of the processor). Unlike renting hosting, they provide the possibility of unlimited database management. Additionally, they provide offline access to the database, which may prove to be an extremely important benefit in the event of a possible Internet failure in the company.

Rack servers

From the offer presented in our store with servers, those intended for installation in a rack system deserve special attention. They enable unlimited possibilities of modification and adaptation of the server to any size and place. The rack type design allows you to choose the right size and location of the server in a perfect way for the surface on which it will stand or hang. Well-thought-out structures allow for easy management of cables and server components by modifying the spacing of shelves and components. This has a positive effect on maintaining order and order in the IT department. The store offers wardrobes in various sizes, both wall-mounted and free-standing, for indoor and outdoor use. Thanks to a wide selection of various accessories such as shelves, fans, strips and covers, it is possible to expand a given server cabinet according to your own needs.

Server store

NAS type servers are an increasingly popular solution intended for home use, but also for small businesses. It is a device that allows you to connect computers and drives operating within your home or office into one local network, regardless of what operating systems they operate on. A NAS server is a great solution for sharing and storing data as a multimedia center. Our server shop offers tons of accessories. Most servers of this type support DLNA protocols that allow for easier use of multimedia from devices of various types, such as home theaters or Smart TVs. It should not be forgotten that NAS servers provide additional security in the form of system backups. In the event of a disk failure on your home or office computer, you don't have to worry about losing any data stored there.

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