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Devices for wireless network

Wireless Internet connectivity is something that is hard to imagine life without these days. Providing it at home or at work seems not only an additional bonus, but it is even necessary for normal functioning. This solution significantly facilitates both the performance of professional duties and the use of entertainment in free time. In addition, more and more peripheral devices have built-in wireless connectivity modules, which significantly affects the maintenance of order in the office and getting rid of unnecessary, constantly tangled cables. The offer of our store includes a very large selection of wifi network equipment, and our advisors will be happy to help you choose the right one, depending on your needs. In addition to mounting accessories, antenna cables, various types of antennas and their housings and covers, the store's assortment also includes a specialized selection of professional routers, access points, signal amplifiers and radio lines. If there is a need to cover a larger area with WiFi coverage, it is also worth considering a mesh network. These are routers connected into a single network (the so-called mesh network), which covers a larger area with its operation and ensures smooth use of each access device that is part of it. The principle of this type of device is similar to that of standard routers paired with signal amplifiers, but switching between access points is less noticeable.

Wi-Fi equipment as an alternative to optical fiber

Fiber optic Internet is becoming more and more popular and widespread, however, its installation is not possible everywhere or is not always profitable. In this case, radio links turn out to be a great choice for those who, for the above reasons, cannot afford optical fiber, and yet do not want to give up the fastest possible data transfer. Additionally, the installation of the radio link is uncomplicated. It does not require digging up the ground or placing poles for cable management.

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