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The price of copper is rising all the time. On the surface this may seem insignificant to many people, but copper is used to make many devices and cables. All consumers will notice the difference in prices as they pay more for the increasingly common twisted pair cables. Find out the reasons behind the rising price of copper and therefore network cables. In this article you will learn all the relevant information about price increases and what they affect. Learn more about this topic and see for yourself that the best place to buy copper cables is with us - at
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Rising cable prices - the reasons

The increase in the price of copper has caused the price of twisted-pair, or copper cables, to increase by almost 100% over the previous year. What is the reason for such a huge change? Increased demand for copper. More and more popular solutions that are based precisely on the use of this raw material. Among them is the huge demand for photovoltaic systems. Using solar energy is gaining more and more supporters. Not only households but also companies install them. Subsidies and reliefs associated with the installation of systems make more and more people want to have them at home. Copper is one of the most important raw materials, which are used for photovoltaic systems. That is why the price of copper influences all the products that are created for these purposes. Currently, the cost of a ton of copper is around PLN 10 thousand - a year ago it was around PLN 5 thousand. The graphs of the market value of copper show that the situation may change even more dynamically and the price of copper will rise. Copper is a highly corrosion-resistant raw material which weighs little and is not damaged by sunlight. Moreover, it weighs little and does not expand or contract strongly under the influence of low or high temperatures. This makes it an ideal material for the production of photovoltaic components, but also for commonly used cables.

Twisted-pair cables - how to find cheap ones?

The popular twisted pair is much more expensive precisely because the price of copper has risen significantly. Demand for photovoltaic systems and network cables is not decreasing - more and more homes use modern solutions. Therefore, experts predict even higher price increases for all copper products. If you want to equip yourself with cables at the lowest price, then be sure to visit our online store. We have copper cables from KGHM - one of the largest copper producers in the world. This allows us to offer each customer an extremely competitive price for excellent quality twisted pair cables. We make it easy for you to choose cables that will fit your specific purpose. Outdoor installations, indoor connections of devices or local networks (e.g. in a company or smart home), connecting networks to blocks of flats - with us you can order cables that will be used in all these situations. Find out more about our product range!
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What kind of cables can you find in our shop?

At you will find the best copper cables from the manufacturer Extralink. They are distinguished by excellent quality, resistance to external factors and excellent performance. You will find many types of twisted-pair cables, so you can easily adjust the product to your requirements. We offer cables for creating networks with different Internet connection speed limits. With our products you can easily connect different sets of devices: router, access point, IP cameras, TV, but also easily bring the Internet to your home or apartment. We offer outdoor and outdoor cables with different types of insulation, which are perfectly adapted to specific conditions. Among the types of twisted-pair cables you will find network cables created from pure copper with a grounding conductor, which will serve the signals from many IP cameras. Different types of cable have different protection or capabilities - depending on your needs for installation space or bandwidth. We offer cables with PE sheath, different outer jacket thicknesses, aluminum alloy braid and aluminum foil, PVC sheath, LSZH, HDPE and more. All cables consist of pairs of cables that are twisted together. This allows for the greatest efficiency and prevention of any interference (electromagnetic and mutual). Do not wait and order copper cables in our shop! The best quality and attractive price - only at! If you have questions about cables and do not know which one to choose according to your needs, contact us. We will be happy to advise and assist you in the purchase. Our whole offer and more information about twisted-pair cables you will see under this link
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