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Device tests

After a long wait, Mikrotik hAP ac2 finally came to our "test-labu". Extremely efficient wireless (RBD52G-5HacD2HnD-TC) router, which offers a very wide range of configurations. In addition, it has a very good wireless network coverage. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the whole test...
The next part of our test cycle Access Points. In this part we will deal with the Aruba access point, namely Aruba Instant On AP12. Check for yourself what results we obtained during the tests.
Cambium Networks presented a base station 802.11ac wave2. ePMP3000 is an extremely efficient station working in MU-MIMO 4x4. Of course we decided to test the ePMP3000 capabilities. See what results we obtained ...
In this part of our tests we will deal with Access Point from Cambium Networks - CnPilot E410. AP has been certified by WiFi Alliance and can be used in installations of the EU WiFi4EU. project. See for yourself how Cambium CnPilot E410 has done in our tests...
The next part of our Access Points test. This time another Access Point from Ubiquiti Inc. has been added to our test-lab. UniFi AC FlexHD. Small and very elegant Access Point from UniFi family is an extremely efficient unit. Anyway, see for yourself how it came out in our test...
What access point to choose in 2020? Which access point is the most efficient?
These questions are very often asked by wireless users, more or less advanced. Therefore, we decided to carry out professional tests of several Access Points offered by top companies.
You're welcome to read...
Professional gym with the possibility of connection of external batteries has become an indispensable equipment of every server room... We invite you to our short test of a modular Edge Power EP-54V-150W from Ubiquiti Inc..
Finally! It's time for the long-awaited tests Ubiquiti LTU... See how the latest Ubiquiti Networks products have proven themselves.

Ubiquiti Networks has been providing professional solutions for both ISP operators and business customers for 10 years now.

Watch for yourself how the latest work from Ubiquiti based on the LTU -> airFiber 5XHD protocol works in the field...

Totolink T10 has arrived in the lab CD Action!!

Watch for yourself what kind of review a router working on the Smart Mesh network got.

Mimosa B24, because that's what the latest radio line operating at 24GHz and supporting the TDMA and TDMA-FD protocols aims to revolutionize the industry while meeting the needs of customers in many industries.

as announced MikroTik has finally made available for sale the latest solution operating in the 60GHz band with a graceful name Wireless Wire Dish (RBLHGG-60ad kitr2).

Discover our radioline test from MikroTika.

Totolink in 2018 presented many new products, including a new smart mesh solution called Totolink T10. Of course it was immediately tested by us! We invite you to read it...

The wireless router has now become a necessity, while the purchase of a suitable device is often a problem...
We have a vast array of routers working in different ranges and with different functionality and, of course, differ in price!

Comparison of popular and efficient network devices in the CD Action magazine. Tested routers are all AC, 802.11n and network cards.


Ubiquiti Networks in order to meet the expectations of its clients created an independent power supply called Ubiquiti SolarBeam. We invite you to take a look at our test...

This article presents the installation, configuration (first start up) and performance testing of Mimosa B5-Lite series devices.

Test and comparison of AC1200 standard routers. We tested TOTOLINK, TP-LINK and NETIS routers for functionality, signal strength and hardware performance.

Tests for new products from the Point-to-Multipoint family, named Mimosa A5 for a base station available in two different types: 14dBi and 18dBi and an integrated client antenna called Mimosa C5.


New product from the Extralink line. It is a manageable fiber optic switch equipped with 8 SFP ports and 2 UPLINK ports (RJ-45/SFP COMBO).

A next router test. This time it is TOTOLINK A1004 AC750 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router working in AC750.


The latest OLTy EPON from the EXTRALINK line. Small, comfortable, easy to implement 1U devices in 19" size, distinguished by high performance and high compatibility with client terminals available on the market.

Test of the ONU client tip from the Extralink line operating in GPON standard. The device has 4 GE ports and additionally WIFI module and two POTS.


The ONU devices from the new EXTRALINK product line. Luna is a one-port ONU client tip equipped with Router/NAT.


The next comparative test of cheap routers from TP-LINK, TOTOLINK, LB-LINK, NETIS families. This time the standard N 300Mbps.

is tested.

Test and comparison of budget routers from TP-LINK, TOTOLINK, LB-LINK, NETIS families. The devices were tested for functionality, performance and ease of configuration.

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