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EZVIZ TY2 - WiFi Smart Camera with PTZ lens

In the previous article we have already had the opportunity to test the EZVIZ C6TC camera. This time our "test-lab" has been provided with another work of highly regarded manufacturer of monitoring solutions and CCTV systems. Of course, we are talking about EZVIZ, which is a subsidiary of Hikvision. In the rest of this article we will take a closer look at a WiFi smart camera called EZVIZ CS-TY2. We will zoom in on both the setup using the mobile app, as well as test the most important features: Smart Tracking, Motion Detection, Two-way talk and we will check if it is possible to use the device as a typical Web camera. We invite you to read.

What is EZVIZ CS-TY2 ?

EZVIZ TY2 is an ingenious home monitoring device recording in FHD 1080p resolution. Great design and small size make the camera fits perfectly into the decor of any room. Mounted sensor with a resolution of 2Mpx is an ideal solution in this type of camera. This ensures that the recorded video will be recorded in very high quality with all the details. EZVIZ TY2 also has a motion sensor calibrated to correctly detect human movement, thus eliminating false alarms. For example, the movement of curtains or plants will not trigger our camera. We also cannot forget about the tracking function after detecting any movement. It is extremely useful, because as soon as the camera detects movement it starts to track the object, which provides us with maximum security. And the most important point! The EZVIZ TY2 camera has a very wide field of view, which is as wide as 340° horizontally and 55° vertically. Below, we will take a detailed look at all these features....

EZVIZ CS-TY2 | Unboxing

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We must admit that EZVIZ has taken care of every detail. In an aesthetic package we get EZVIZ CS-TY2 PTZ camera, mounting base, a set of screws, USB <->MicroUSB power cord <->length of up to 3 meters, a very useful template for drilling mounting holes, 5V 1A power supply of 5W and a quick start guide. Everything is very elegantly packed and the whole set makes a really good impression.

Configuration via mobile app

EZVIZ has evidently simplified the process of configuring the camera through the mobile app. Literally in a few steps we add and configure our EzViz Ty2 camera! This is extremely convenient for users who have no experience with surveillance. Any, but literally any user, more or less advanced without any problem will manage to install this <a href=/us/cat/DNXEFKQSOHTLN> IP camera.
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Main features of the ip camera

Of course, it is essential to mention the most important functions of the EZVIZ Ty2 camera. The camera is equipped with many very useful functions that significantly improve our safety. Below we will describe the most important functions that you should pay special attention to.

Smart tracking

One of the most interesting features of EZVIZ TY2 camera is the intelligent tracking of the object after motion detection. In short, when the camera detects a moving object, it is smart enough to automatically track the movement of that object while also informing the user with a real-time image. We must admit that this is a very useful function that significantly increases our safety. In the case of any threat, we get a complete recording of the event in real time.
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Motion detection

Monitoring system does not always have to record in continuous mode. Many times we want to record only when there is some movement in front of the lens of our camera. In short, we want to record alarm events - when "something happens". In EZVIZ cameras, a motion detection algorithm checks the real image for changes in specific pixels. If the camera detects a change, it starts recording the image, e.g. to a memory card, while sending us a push notification to our phone. Thanks to this feature, the camera does not record the material on the card 24 hours a day, but only when there is a moving object in the field of the camera. We also appreciate the ability to select a specific area of detection, which will be monitored by the camera. In the case of any movement in the area, the camera will send an alarm notification.
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Two-way talk - two-way communication

Another very interesting feature of the EZVIZ TY2 camera is the two-way communication. Using the EZVIZ mobile application, you can both talk to your loved ones and use this function to deter, for example, an intruder who has invaded your home. This is the first line of defense, but very effective. Generally, with the help of a mobile device we can easily and friendly use communication from anywhere in the world. This function can also be used to take care of e.g. a child, as the camera can be used as a nanny- a very popular solution lately.
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Multiple Storage - SD Card, EZVIZ Cloud, NVR

EZVIZ cameras allow you to store your recordings in different places. We have a MicroSD card (with a capacity of up to 256GB!), encrypted storage in the cloud and NVR (selected companies). Therefore, we can choose where we want to save our recordings. What's more! TY2 camera can record recordings even in all three locations simultaneously! This is extremely useful because we have a backup copy of our recordings in several locations. In case of camera damage or network failure, we have access to recorded events.
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One of the most interesting features of the EZVIZ TY2 camera is the ability to work as a webcam. To convert the TY2 camera to a webcam you need to do a few things. First of all, you need to have the following applications installed on your PC or laptop SplitCam and a stable WiFi network (2.4GHz) and then follow the instructions below.
  1. Open the EZVIZ Mobile App, click on "our profile logo", then go to "General Settings" and select "Access Point Mode Configuration"
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Then follow the prompts:
- scan the QR code located on the bottom of the device.
- hold the "Reset" button on the camera (about 10 seconds) until you hear the message "Reset successfully"

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Next we configure WiFi network access for our EZVIZ TY2camera
We have to be sure that we have access to a WiFi network operating at 2.4GHz. The frequency of 5GHz is not supported.
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When we have configured the WiFi network on our camera, we go to the " Live monitoring in LAN" tab and click "Start scanning". Of course, both our phone and the TY2 camera must be connected to the same LAN. Then follow the instructions below:
  • click on the field with the IP address of our camera
  • enter the user name (the default user name is admin)
  • the password is the verification code found on the label of the device
  • after entering the password click "OK". 4.
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SplitCam configuration - obtaining a video stream

Open the SplitCam application and add an IP camera.
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2. we configure the RSTP stream of our device:
rstp://admin:(code_verification)@(address_ip_camera):554/ch1/main (main video stream)
rstp://admin:(verification_code)@(address_ip_camera):554/ch1/sub (backup stream)

EZVIZ splitcam ip camera add
splitcam rtsp stream
3 - Skype Video Conferencing
Another very useful feature of the EZVIZ TY2 is the ability to use it for video conferencing in Skype communicator. Once we have added the video streams to the SplitCam program, then in a few steps we can use the camera also in Skype. What is interesting! We do not have to connect the camera to our computer or laptop in any way. We have to admit that it is very convenient. Adding camera in Skype is literally in few steps:
We open Skype -> go to Settings -> choose Sound and Video -> set "SplitCam Video Driver" as our main camera.
TY2 camera is also compatible with Zoom

communicator. The configuration is practically the same as in the case of Skype.

Summary and conclusions

Generalizing. EZVIZ TY2 is a very successful piece of work for a CCTV camera. A multitude of features, user-friendly mobile application and the ability to use the camera as a"Web Camera" such as Skype and Zoom, are just a few of the advantages of TY2. Also noteworthy is the camera's configuration and installation process via the EZVIZ mobile application.
In addition, with the SplitCam application, you can view recordings from your cameras on your desktop computer or laptop.

Ezviz TY2 Camera Features

  • EZVIZ Mobile AppSmart
  • tracking
  • Motion DetectionTwo-way
  • talkSupport
  • SD Card 256GBWeb
  • Camera
As a conclusion. Definitely worth buying the Ezviz TY2 camera! In its favor speaks both for the excellent image quality, the ability to store recordings on the 256GB MicroSD card and the quality / price ratio. Not to forget the unique WebCam (webcam) function that makes the EZVIZ TY 2 a very versatile solution. And everything mentioned in this article should not surprise us! After all, both EZVIZ and Hikvision have been providing professional CCTV solutions for years. We are waiting with interest for the next products from EZVIZ, certainly we will immediately put on our website reviews and tests of subsequent products. We also invite you to our online forum!

Leszek Blaszczyk


TY2 | IP Camera | 2,4GHz WiFi, FullHD, 1080p, Tilt and Pan, Night View
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