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Huawei MA5608T | OLT | EPON, 2x EPBD, 2x 1,25Gb/s Uplink, AC/DC
Product code: MA5608T OLT EPON
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Fast and reliable computer networks require good network equipment and accessories. The Huawei brand is not only a world-renowned manufacturer of advanced smartphones, tablets, modems and telecommunication devices. They also specialize in providing professional equipment for building advanced network infrastructure, alsooptic line. The OLTEPON Huawei modular terminal is one of the possible applications of equipment from Huawei. Depending on the chosen casing, it provides a number of interfaces, additionally expandable with selected modules.EPON OLT is a reliable optical network with good throughput, ideally suited to the requirements of home and SOHO users in particular. Huawei brand from China has been manufacturing telecommunications and network equipment since the end of the last century. Constantly innovating, developing advanced devices and technologies, and at the same time complying with global standards makes Huawei devices very popular all over the world. Almost every distributor of network equipment for professionals also offers Huawei.


Optical Line Terminal in EPON technology

Huawei EPON central units orGPON OLT are multi-service access devices. Modular constructions based on mounting in a plate enclosure and rack enclosures are a full customization of solutions. They allow the use of various technologies, in many cases also combining them. It is possible to access the network:

  • EPON,
  • GPON,
  • GE
  • 10 GE,

created according to POL, FTTH, FTTB or FTTC construction rules. HuaweiSmartAX MA5608TOLT4GE 2xSFP is a multiservice access device. It can work as a mini terminalOLT as it is smaller than standard GPON / EPONOLT. The device can be equipped with modules, for example theSFP module, adapting its functionality to requirements. Adjust the number ofports EPON, manage with the control board - uplink MCUD1 10GOLT4GE2xSFP during management mode, and power the device with the appropriate AC/DC module, take care of the ventilation with the fan module. Other suppliers also offer similar solutions asBdcom P3310.


Huawei's central unit capabilities

Good quality optical line terminalfrom Huawei has complete documentation and refined software. Both the documentation and the software can be downloaded from the manufacturer's website, including detailed technical specifications. Match the SFP module, number of EPON ports or power supply and security to the EPON optical line terminal OLT. It is you who decides about the extensions installed in the device, how many optic line should be connected, how many subscribers the signal should reach. Choose among ready-made setsOLT EPON,GPONOLT or compose a complete modular set yourself. Don't forget about proper power supply and active cooling - ventilation, so that the compilation will have a long life. The devices have an excellent range of operation, both in terms of temperature and humidity. Robust, highly reliable, fully configurable and monitored selected OLT haveMTBF of up to 45 years.

Select optimal solutions for your network infrastructure

Correctly selected and configurednetworking equipment can reduce the need for monitoring and further network management. Modern intelligent systems for remote management and automatic detection of malfunctions facilitate operation. Huawei devices that can act as OLT, as well as other manufacturers such asBdcom P3310 are intuitive, advanced proposals for business solutions, Internet service providers. If you have any questions, which equipment will be the best, please contact us. We also offer advanced technical support, which will help to solve the problems that arise. Take advantage of the rich offer of our shop with ICT equipment and new technologies for home and office. Place an order, and if you are a business customer, try our partner program.

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