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On a daily basis we use many devices and equipment that require a strong and stable WiFi signal. We expect to work smoothly with the Internet without unnecessary interference and delays. To ensure this, we should opt for good quality wireless routers from an established manufacturer. as a leader in networking equipment trade with extensive experience recommends Netgear wifi routers in this category. This company offers a wide range of products whose performance and capabilities translate into a comfortable use of the network.

Routery netgear - modes and standards

The netger's wireless routers have a built-in modem whose task is to convert the signal from the Internet provider into a signal visible to the local network devices (Ethernet or WLAN). Netgear provides us with universal equipment; we can use up to two types of WAN interface. As a router with ADSL2 modem (adsl router) or xdsl router. In the signal frequency range the standard is now a wifi dual band router, supporting 2.4 and 5 GHz. Netgear products are even more advanced models - they work in triband wifi router standard, i.e. with 2.4 and 2x5 GHz options. Three-band wireless routers handle much larger amounts of data simultaneously. An example of such a model is wifi nighthawk wifi router ax12. The use of 12 wifi streams provides streaming of music and movies in 4k quality, as well as lag-free gaming.

Netgear wireless routers

Router wifi netgear are multifunctional devices, dedicated to many applications. We will find the best models to browse the network, to use with many devices in the wifi network, for mobile devices or video chat. The offer also includes routers recommended for gaming or for use in the home office. . Thanks to the applied technology and constant development, the manufacturer can offer us the latest models of wireless routers. One such example is product line netgear nighthawk pro gaming, which guarantees the highest performance while playing. The offered models xr500 is a gaming router with WIFI, combining best-in-class nighthawk features with modern software. The geofilter and buffer overflow functions used in it are responsible for minimizing ping and stabilizing the connection. Thanks to this, we get optimal game flow, and the router additionally prevents delays that may arise in case of network problems.

Netgear - speed and functionality

Wheniorąc maximum wireless transmission speed, Netgear provides a very wide range of devices. We can adapt them according to our needs and our budget. We can choose from speeds from 150 Mbps to even 11000 Mbps. The high level of data transmission guarantees that the wifi network is stable, failure-free and, what is important, efficient. The standard is wireless AC1200, for demanding users we recommend faster devices working in WiFi AC3000 and above. Netgear provides in its routers a large number of LAN and WAN ports. LAN ports are usually Gigabit Ethernet ports that increase the speed of the wired connection. The right number of USB ports allows you to connect USB modems as well as many types of storage devices.

WIFI netgear router models also have functions for direct file exchange, e.g. in BitTorrent network. This functionality allows you to download material from the network without the need for continuous computer operation. Another useful feature offered by netgear is built-in firewall, which is the so-called firewall. It limits attacks on the internal network and also allows filtering content from the Internet, which is particularly useful as parental control. An example of such wifi router is netgear r6400. The features of this product are primarily speed and reliability. There are two USB ports and very fast gigabit Ethernet ports. By purchasing this model we receive the netgear armor service, which provides us with protection against threats from outside. We also get the Circle.

intelligent parental control.

Netgear nighthawk

Netgear ensures that all requirements for wireless routers are met. And even significantly exceeds them, giving us

solutions of the latest technology. These are the nighthawk pro gaming router models, available in 4, 6, 8 or even 12 stream versions. Remember that more spatial streams are more bandwidth and less overload for all devices in a WiFi network. These are fast and reliable wireless connections throughout your home, even with devices streaming high-definition content. Just 4 wifi streams are 4 times more capacity than a typical 2x2AC wifi network. An example is the 4 streaming router nighthawk ax4 ax3000, which supports modern wifi 6 technology. This enables a higher throughput of the wifi network thanks to constant and high signal strength for all connected devices.

Other model - nighthawk X10 router with 802.11ac and 802.11ad WiFi technology delivers smooth 4K video streaming. It also provides g>game with virtual reality support, as well as instant file downloads. Whereas the nighthawk X6 AC3200router nighthawk X6 is another example of breakthrough Tri-Band WiFi technology. It allows you to connect to any device in your home; this happens automatically and simultaneously. This allows devices such as notebooks, phones, TVs, game consoles and cameras to be connected to the WIFI network up to 6 times faster. An interesting proposal is also router nighthawk Ac2300 Cybersecurity. In an advanced way it protects the whole network against all possible cyber threats such as: viruses, spyware, malware, scam attacks or Internet scams.

Wifi routers by netgear are modern and of the highest quality. The store offers a wide range of these reliable products. Surely everyone will find a model to suit their needs and expectations. We invite you to visit our store today

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