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Teltonika 088-00228 | Rubber holder | dedicated for TMT250
Product code: TMT250 088-00228
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The TELTONIKA antenna housings are ready-made elements facilitating installation of WiFi, GNSS GPS, LTE antennas and network equipment cooperating with them. They can complement the functionality of the devices, provide protection or extend the installation possibilities. Teltonika company for years has been supplying equipment and network accessories creating wireless networks in different technologies and with different ranges. Comprehensive modern solutions mainly for professional applications are designed and installed in central Europe, in Lithuania. The Vilnius company is known all over the world for its high quality combined with ease of use. Since 1998 it has been developing its capabilities, currently specializing mainly in devices related to the idea of IoT - Internet of Things and IIoT - Industrial Internet of Things. Diversified wireless instruments, LTE router, also dual sim models, GPS antenna, access points, elements forming wireless networks - each device is created with full attention to detail, not only on the hardware but also on the software layer.

Severe applications of Teltonika network equipment

Thanks to the creation of equipment tailored to the needs of users, Teletonics is constantly gaining popularity, mainly among professional users. Diversified wireless instruments in areas such as:

  • industry, automation,
  • energy,
  • tools,
  • transport,
  • business solutions,
  • trade

use the solutions provided by the manufacturer. A matching multi-band antenna with optimal energy gain, working as combo GPS/WiFi/LTE antenna is an example of a multifunctional proposal. Small WiFi antennas or LTE or GPS GNSS antennas are suitable for the creation of the Intelligent Home and many access control issues solutions. In any case, it may be necessary to use an appropriate enclosure for use with an antenna to ensure that the devices working with it are secure. The LTE dual sim router equipped with an external antenna should be optimally protected against external factors, and should be able to be mounted stable. Similarly, even small GPS modules or trackers in larger equipment should be well mounted and protected.

Resistant and reliable antenna housings

Anaerobatic housing can in many cases be treated as GSM accessories. All because it can protect, for example, the LTE dual sim router, and this is a technology closely related to mobile telephony. Whether the chosen product is a GNSS antenna, a multi-band antenna for various purposes or a sector antenna that often has the best energy gain, check if you don't need an antenna housing that works with the chosen devices or even a dedicated. It can also be an antenna from another manufacturer, such as QuSpot for Teltonik, often used for LTE routers. Advanced plastics, rubber, sometimes also metal allow to perfectly match the form and shape of new network accessories.

Select a proven supplier and place an order

The manufacturer of Teltonica's advanced network equipment has made sure that designed wireless networks regardless of the technology meet multi-level security standards at the most attractive PLN net price. This also includes, in the case of programmable devices, the application to install Teltonica, for which the license can be purchased separately. It makes it easy to control access to LTE devices and networks. If you place orders, remember that if you buy many products at the same time, the total cost of delivery may be lower. After the order locate the package to know at what stage your order is being processed. Our shop offers comprehensive network solutions as well as new technologies. All products in the offer come from the best manufacturers, from proven distribution sources. In the business area you can check prices in PLN net to know what the cost of investment may be. Discover our extensive offer and place your order today!

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