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Teltonika RUTX10 | Wireless router | Wave 2 802.11ac, 867Mb/s, 4x RJ45 1Gb/s
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The TELTONIKA WiFi routers are technologically advanced devices enclosed in a durable and resistant housing. They are used in many professional fields. Thanks to the wide range of management and monitoring capabilities also fully remote cloud-basedRMSThe Teltonika industrial router is the perfect solution in many situations. Selected devices equipped with Ethernet network interfaces compliant with theIEEE 8023u standard, including 1x WAN often also to ensure continuity of connection are dual SIM devices equipped with numerous network cards and modems. Lithuanian company Teltonika has been known on the market of network devices for over twenty years. It specializes in professional IoT and IIoT solutions. Due to the fact that the projects as well as the devices themselves are made in Lithuania, Vilnius, the equipment is of high quality and constantly adapted to the dynamically changing needs.

A simple industrial WiFi router for demanding

No matter how the Teltonika Wireless Router is selected, it has optimal performance. It is not only a fast processor, a matching amount of RAM and internal Flash memory, but also a set of interfaces compatible with the latest standards. WiredE 8023u, wirelessIEEE80211bgn orWave 2 802.11ac, as well as industrial4-pin power cable allowing to work in difficult conditions. Physically, the devices enable installation of up tonetwork DIN thanks to simple adapters, andthe temperature rangeof their operation is very wide.The developed robust housingis resistant to physical factors in even very demanding applications. Simple models with WiFi network cards for access point to:

  • Teltonika RUT230 3G spare 1x WANIEEE 8023u, WiFiIEEE80211bgn with HotSpot function, compact, lightweight and durable
  • Teltonika RUTX10Double band WiFiIoT router with Bluetooth LE,2 x Wi-Fi RP-SMA, 1 x BT SMA
  • RUTX11 phone with SIM card slot - LTEdual SIM modem allowing to create backup Internet connections.

Every device is equipped with connectors to connect the selected standard antenna. This allows for better scalability of solutions. MobileSMA antenna is a good solution for a WiFi router used in various types of vehicles.

Multi-interface wireless routerLTE

In the rich portfolio of professional manufacturer's solutions you can also find more advanced constructions such as Teltonika RUT955 or RUT950. Unlike the Teltonika RUT230, each of them is arouterLTE also with the possibility of creating redundant back-up connections, which guarantee connection stability in unfavorable conditions. Similarly to simpler models, the RUT950 router is equipped with industrial power cord with four-pin connector and durable casing. Its stable operation includes a wide range of temperatures and humidity levels. IndustrialrouterLTE can also have a high level of protection against water and dust, depending on the model and needs. Various types of interfaces, often multiplied and translated into network cards - Ethernet, WiFi, 3G, LTE or Bluetooth - allow for multi-faceted reliable connectivity.

Developed software, monitoring and management

Every Teltonika industrial router has a sophisticated RutOS operating system installed. This Linux-based software makes the capabilities of a device such aswirelessLTE routerdual SIM even broader. Uploading your own scripts and programming in the Busybox shell, Lua, C and C, intuitive Web UI, access control and attack prevention with built-in mechanisms are just a few of the many possibilities. In addition, remote operation from anywhere on earth withTeltonika Remote Management System allows not only monitoring of the routers, but also their configurations and actions such as software updates. The professional router, despite its advanced design and capabilities, is delivered in the initial configuration, thanks to which all you need to do is to run it for the first time with a short manual. Network devices such asProfessional industrial router has full specification in the category of downloads from the manufacturer, as well as full user manual.

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