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Totolink TB5000 | Power Bank | 5000mAh, 1x USB, 1x MicroUSB
Product code: TB5000
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  • Output voltage: 5V
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Every user of electronic equipment realizes that their power plays a key role in their ability to work efficiently. Totolink's accumulators, batteries or powerbanks will allow you to maintain the continuity of use of mobile devices thanks to the ability to provide an appropriate dose of energy. Charging on the road where lack of access to standard power supply methods is no longer a problem. Light and capacious Totolink powerbanks will prove themselves in many applications, and their simple aesthetics and functionality will delight users. The Totolink brand, which belongs to a company with a long tradition, Zioncom specialises in providing reliable, technologically advanced and at the same time attractively priced networking equipment. Other accessories such as powerbanks with selected capacities are to complete the manufacturer's offer.


Optimal power supply - capacious powerbank TB5000 and TB10000

Though Totolink's offer is not wide in terms of power banks, the models available in our shop close the demand for this type of equipment. The TB manufacturer's code and the following capacity in mAh determine a specific model from the basic functional product line. Compact size, low weight and pthought-out casing allow for wide use. Power bank TB5000 is:

  • capacity 5000 mAh lithium-polymer battery responding to 1.5-2 capacity of standard smartphone batteries,
  • four LEDs indicating the battery charge level,
  • Aesthetic flat black housing with built-in contrasting short micro USB cable for charging devices,
  • possibility of using the adapter for devices with lightning socket like iPhone, iPad,
  • USB charging port 2.0.

The device charging process management allows you to select the appropriate parameters and mode for a given process. The verbs have a number of protections to increase their strength. They allow to avoid short circuits and surges. It is also impossible to overcharge or discharge them. The construction of the device has protection against the consequences of falls and vibrations. Resistance to high and low temperatures allows the battery to operate in almost all conditions.

Totolink's wide range of applications

green cell , they allow for multiple charging and discharging without creating environmentally harmful waste after each use. Thanks to appropriately selected cables it is possible to charge or power various equipment with 5V:

socket using powerbanks.
  • cellular phones,
  • Media players,
  • digital aparations,
  • compact cameras,
  • car cameras,
  • portable loudspeakers
  • GPS navigation,
  • sports cameras,
  • digital frames,
  • LEGO blocks - sets with charging option,
  • sports watches,
  • cordless headphones,

and other compatible accessories. With the appropriate adapters they can also power the battery chargers. Power Bank also powers the connected docking stations of some devices or selected tablet accessories.

Faultless technological solutions for home and business

The snacks are charged using a classic micro USB charger, or via power strips with a connected cable. Some docking stations may also be able to charge such devices. The cable included in the set can also be powered by business laptops, car chargers or desktop computers. In the offer of our shop you can however find much more equipment and accessories in the field of the latest technology. You are looking for a specific thing - check the manufacturer's code in our search engine. You can also use the intuitive categories. Our shop offers complex network solutions of various types, monitors or modern home appliances. We also cooperate with Internet service providers and other entities, offering a attractive partner program. We invite you to shopping and to contact us, we offer full technical support of our experienced specialists.

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