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Surge protection

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Ubiquiti ETH-SP-G2 | Ethernet Surge Protector | Gen2, 2x RJ45 1000Mb/s
Product code: ETH-SP-G2
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Modernity without which you can't live without.

The Internet network is one of the basic transmission media used in the 21st century. Thanks to them, not only do we have the possibility of sending messages and photos, but also entertainment and everything connected with it develops. Additionally, thanks to Internet solutions, trade and marketing develops, which allows the entrepreneur to develop his business. Nevertheless, devices used to create wired and wireless networks have their limitations, which do not always allow for a specific action. This concerns both the transmission speed and the way the devices are connected. This limitation also applies to the number of devices connected or to transmission security. However, solutions are constantly being introduced to increase security and make its use easier and more trouble-free. It should not be forgotten, however, that all devices need power supply, without which it is impossible for them to work properly. However, this carries some kind of danger, the most serious of which are all kinds of surges and short circuits. They can lead to complete destruction of the network infrastructure and devices connected to the power supply, and thus immobilize the network for a long time.

Guarantee network security.

That's why you need surge protection. They are responsible for protecting Ethernet devices against electrostatic discharges and surges. The company Ubiquit has been developing solutions belonging to the Ethernet Surge Protector family for years. These are state-of-the-art solutions for protecting devices with and without Power-Over-Ethernet. These are solutions that are combined using two protected RJ45 connections, which allows the device to be compatible with any other hardware. Port RJ45 is also a kind of standardization of many mechanics and allows for a wider spectrum of device operation. Thanks to this, we can protect various types of devices through this system and thus protect the network against discharges. The device Ubiquity ethspg2 allows you to eliminate the risks associated with surges caused by use or weather conditions. This type of solution also provides a very fast assembly and installation of plug-and-play, which additionally accelerates the execution of the whole system, saves time, which is very important in the case of investments related to computer networks. The dimensions of the device, whose weight does not exceed 110 g and temperature conditions vary from 0°C to 40°C, can also be considered a plus.

The security and certification systems that are necessary.

All Ubiquity Networks are equipped with a protection system ESD. This system is based on certain damage and failure prevention systems in electrical equipment. It is such a production of systems that they are resistant to all discharges and thus they work faultlessly for a much longer period of time. This type of protection can be achieved by using special materials in production, better connection methods or general maintenance of electronic components. It is also very important that the casing of each device itself is tight and does not allow external factors to get inside the device. This eliminates external hazards and focuses solely on protection against electrical discharges. The device itself has also numerous certificates confirming its quality. These include the FCC certificate, the certificate of compliance with EU CE directives and the IC Ministry certificate. This enables safe distribution and confidence in the products.

Surge protection ubiquiti networks is an ideal solution for both individual clients and businesses, as it will protect both smaller and larger local and wireless network infrastructures. The most important thing is to adapt them well to specific devices, and everything will work perfectly and without problems.

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