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Meet the Amazfit brand and its smart products

Amazfit is one of the companies associated with Xiaomi. It uses the latest technology to create customized solutions that take care of fitness as well as health. It creates wearable devices that allow you to monitor biometric data, as well as plan workouts and measure them. The brand is gaining more and more trust on the markets of many countries. The use of innovative methods allows for high precision. At the same time, the company makes sure that the products are as useful and resistant as possible, for example, they are distinguished by resistance to rain, deep immersion. A valuable feature of the brand's products is that they can be combined with a variety of applications from the FIT department - both created by Xiaomi and Google. Of course, each product comes with an app for your phone from Amazfit. Find out more about the company's products!
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Smartwach Huami Amazfit GTR 2e

It is a watch that monitors your heart rate all the time, 24 hours a day. This makes it possible to compare heart rate spikes and observe your health. The watch warns you when your heart rate is too high, also during activity. It is extremely designer and looks brilliant on any hand. Like most watches it monitors your sleep and also your stress levels. What surprises in this model is the battery life. Smartwach works up to 24 days on a single charge, which gives it an advantage over the most popular watches in the world. The blood oxygen saturation measurement is also a remarkable addition. In the era of pandemics, this indicator has become very important. Having this watch you can verify your health at any time not only according to basic but also very detailed parameters. The watch also uses PAI health assessment system - based on heart rate, activity, sleep data and other information it evaluates the health of the person wearing the watch. The big advantage is water resistance at a very high level (5 ATM). Smartwatch also has as many as 90 sports modes, which do not have to be manually activated - the watch itself will detect the type of activity, but only from among six basic ones. The watch also has a voice assistant, which works even when there is no access to the network. These are just some of the advantages of this sports watch, which is far ahead of the well-known and loved models of other brands so far.
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Amazfit PowerBuds smart headphones

Another product that uses biometrics. The combination of heart rate monitoring and headphones is surprising - they make a sound when your heart rate gets too high. These small in-ear headphones can run for as long as 8 hours on a single charge, and they don't fall out of your ears during workouts thanks to special hooks that keep them stable. The headphone box is also a powerbank, so you can charge the headphones even when you don't have access to electricity. The powerbank allows you to charge the headphones up to two times. The headphones provide clarity and depth of sound. Moreover they are waterproof and water resistant. Designed for sports, they are also protected from sweat. The headphones have many features that make them rival the products at the forefront of in-ear headphones.
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Amazfit Scale

Amazfit hasn't just stopped at products created to be worn on the body. The brand also designs other accessories and devices for health-related use. One of them is an incredible multi-functional scale. All the data that Amazfit Scale collects is sent to the cloud in real time, nothing will be hidden. Based on the information, you can generate reports. The scale has WiFi and Bluetooth. It can detect your heart rate while weighing. It has a sleek and very tasteful design that is sure to fit in with many types of decor. It looks futuristic and minimalistic at the same time. It is an extremely high precision device, able to give weight with great accuracy. The scale has two modes: normal and sport modes. The scale analyses a lot of data. Among them are: total body weight, amount of fat, hydration level, muscle mass, bone mass and amount of protein, metabolism, amount of body fat of different types and many others.
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Amazfit at Batna24

The products listed above are just a small number of Amazfit brand devices that are available on the market. In our online store you can already find some of the products of this company. They mainly consist of smartwatches, which are also distinguished by a long battery life and many other functionalities that are surprising at this price. You can already order smart sports bands and smartwatches from Amzazfit and see for yourself how good these products are. In the near future, more and more products of this company will appear in our offer. The market has already verified the devices from Amazfit and it turns out that many of them represent functionalities that you can get in other brands at a much lower price (or at all). We encourage you to visit the store and check out the new devices in our assortment.
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