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Mi Smart Projector 2 Pro - a modern projector for home and business use

Do you like watching movies with excellent picture? Do you care about high quality sound during series and cinema productions? Or maybe you want to create a home cinema in your apartment? Meet the new Mi Smart Projector 2 Pro. This device will replace many others. New proposal from Xiaomi is impressive!
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Mi Smart Projector 2 Pro - Specifications

Mi Smart Projector 2 Pro provides high image resolution - FullHD . It also supports the HDR10 standard, which allows for high color depth, yet high brightness. As a result, it is possible to view a high-quality image. In addition, the diagonal of the image that can be obtained with Mi Smart Projector 2 ranges from 60 to 210 inches, so it is possible to adjust the projected videos according to the distance that separates the audience from the material being played and to suit individual preferences. The device has a DMD chip, and the brightness of image generation is up to 1300 ANSI lumens. A great advantage of the device is the ToF sensor, thanks to which the picture is automatically focused in an express pace (up to two seconds), which significantly increases the comfort of watching and takes the responsibility of setting the focus off the users. The projector has a 10-watt audio amplifier. Great sound, which allows you to hear different tones, is achieved through dual tweeters and dual woofers. Xiaomi has taken care of the excellent sound quality that will meet the expectations of movie lovers as well as music lovers.

Mi Smart Projector 2 Pro supports DTS HD, which are two standards: High Resolution Audio and Master Audio. Thanks to this combination, excellent sound reproduction is possible, whether you are just listening to music, watching movies, or playing games. A valuable addition is Dolby Audio - a technology that decodes sound in such a way as to split it into as many as 128 audio tracks. This strongly affects the sound experience, where every murmur and small sound is properly heard. This is appreciated especially by those who like action movies. The sound quality of the projector will delight players, especially those who choose online games that require listening to the steps of the opponent - such as CS GO. All of the audio equipment that the Mi Smart Projector 2 Pro presents allows for a cinematic effect of all the sounds, which increases the realism of scenes and allows you to get more into the action of the film. It also provides more experience for music listeners. The device runs on Android TV 9.0 - another plus for this projector. Users can use many apps, among them are: Netflix, HBO GO, YouTube and many more. The projector allows you to use Google Assistant, which allows you to operate applications through your voice. Users also have Chromecast at their disposal - it allows you to send video and audio from your phone or any other device with WiFi. It's a great convenience for businesses, as via Chromecast you can easily share your device's screen (phone, computer), browser view, mobile apps, videos and audio files through the projector. This allows for an even better level of presentation of offers, training materials, but also makes it much easier to perform many household activities, including those based on entertainment.

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Mi Smart Projector 2 Pro - Benefits

Xiaomi has created a projector that combines everything a home user but also a business user might need. High contrast, plenty of shades and great depth of color - all this makes the image of the best quality. So you can watch movies, present material or play games where all the details, colours and contrast differences will be visible. However, the comfort of watching caused by the image quality is only one of the positive features of the device. Another plus that Mi Smart Projector 2 Pro users will appreciate is the excellent sound, which includes all tones. Great audio reproduction allows for maximum benefits when gaming, watching movies, but also viewing concerts. A huge advantage of the projector is that it can also work as a wireless Bluetooth speaker. Google Assistant allows you to operate the projector by voice, but at the same time allows you to control by speech your phone and other devices that are connected to the same wifi network. As well as focusing independently and quickly, the projector also aligns the image through its geometry correction feature.

Mi Smart Projector 2 Pro is definitely a device that is worth its price. It will prove itself at home, school, and business. It offers excellent quality of sound and image, has a lot of facilitations, functions affecting the comfort of use, that every user will be able to use it for their purposes. At the same time it is small and has a great design, which fits perfectly into rooms with different arrangements.

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