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Mikrotik hAP ac2 - performance test

Microtik hAP ac2 - a small router with great possibilities

Mikrotik hAP ac2 (RBD52G-5HacD2HnD-TC) is a small but extremely powerful router with "Dual-concurrent Access Point". (Dual Band). It is equipped with 5 1Gbps Ethernet ports and a USB connector, which can be used to connect a 4G/LTE/5G. modem. The device also features IPSEC hardware acceleration support. All these advantages make Mikrotik hAP ac2 an ideal choice for people working remotely and needing a powerful WiFi router with extensive configuration capabilities.

Previously we didn't plan to test the MikroTik devices, but reading some of the statements, accusations that MikroTik is so tragic as a broadcasting point that it is better to buy TP-Link we decided to test several devices.

Many years of professional experience of Wojtek Repinski in administration of networks based on Mikrotik's solutions can be included in a few words:

MicroTik products are very interesting devices (router or switch), which can match in many applications the devices of very renowned brands such as Cisco or Fortigate. However, as a typical 802.11b/g/a/n/ac 802.11b/g/a/n/ac transmitter, it did not stand out even comparing to typical low-end devices like TP-Link (the exception is application of devices in ISP networks where they work on their own Nstreame and NV2 protocols).

After testing recently several MikroTik devices as cAP ac, hAP ac2, RB4011iGS+5HacQ2HnD-IN, Audience must be granted, that MikroTik has made up for the distance and once again wireless solutions can be included in small home or office networks, and the CAPsMAN functionality is particularly interesting and appreciated.
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Specification and performance Microtika hAP ac2

The router uses a high-performance 4 core ARM 32 bit IPQ-4018 processor with 716MHz. With a basic firewall configuration, the manufacturer declares performance for 1518 bytes at 1.9Gbps, while for smaller 64 bytes packets, performance is lower and oscillates at 180-500Mbps. The IPSEC performance oscillates around 400Mbps for 1400 bytes packets. For performance details please refer to the manufacturer's documentation.
The device can work in wireless mode in the following configurations:
  • individual WiFi transmitter or WiFi client
  • repeater
  • station and WiFi transmitter in MESH mode with dynamic WDS
  • station and transmitter in full mesh mode
  • WiFi transmitter under CAPSMan.
    • .
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The device has a practical, attachable stand so that the device can stand upright on the table, lie on the table and with this stand we can hang the device on the wall.

Antenna and transmitter measurements

The Radio Analyzer measurement shows that the wireless module does not generate noise outside the transmission channel. On the basic transmitter power 17dBm also does not generate additional noise.
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In the manufacturer's opinion, the maximum transmission power can be increased to 26dBm, measurement at this power also did not show any additional interference. However, signal analysis shows that in practice increasing power from 17dBm to 26dBm does not necessarily give a real "kick", which is confirmed by observations after more than a week of testing this device.
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AirSurvey signal map

We used AirSurvey software to make a reliable signal map. - well known to MacOS.

  • users. To correctly read the levels of individual signals, please refer to the color legend at the bottom of the picture.
  • Location of individual Access Points was marked with appropriate icon.
  • The device on the "ground floor" was connected to switches via Ethernet port 1Gbps.
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Performance tests Microtik hAP ac2

Speed tests were performed using WiFiPerf software, while the speed test server was iperf3 software. A series of tests was carried out based on the TCP protocol and the duration cycle was 35s.
Unfortunately, due to the standard lower transmitting power (17dBm), it was not possible to set up a link type MESH under previous test conditions.

Signal level -87dBm was too weak to obtain a stable connection with satisfactory performance, the devices were easily connected, but the speeds were at 3-18Mbps and quite unstable.

Therefore, for the tests of signal coverage and speeds we have given up running the second transmitter in MESH mode. Only one transmitter connected directly to the main switch via the Gigabit Ethernet port was used for testing.

Below, the results of the speed tests for individual measuring points.

  • measuring point No. 1

Download 469Mbps
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Upload 564Mbps
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  • measuring point No. 2

Download 429Mbps
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Upload 396Mbps
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  • measuring point 3

Download 395Mbps
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Upload 304Mbps
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  • measuring point No. 4

Download 349Mbps

Upload 249Mbps

  • measuring point No. 5

Download 15Mbps

Upload 2Mbps

  • measuring point No. 6

Download 46Mbps

Upload 82Mbps


In summary, it is fair to say that the Mikrotik hAP ac2 we are testing is an extremely efficient unit. With a 716MHz 4-core processor, hAP ac2 can even function as a PPPoE hub and without any limitations we can create firewall rules and add a lot of client sessions on it, without worrying that our processor will work on 100% performance. As for the capabilities of the radio module, we also have to admit that Mikrotik hAP ac2 stood up to the task and covered our test environment, providing bandwidth at . And the most important argument is price! It is hard to find on the market at such a price an equally efficient device with such capabilities.

  • A small powerful device with hardware support for IPSEC acceleration
  • Very powerful configuration and features, allowing this device to create an advanced router with firewall and VPN server/client together with motion shaping.
  • Very powerful performance thanks to 4-core processor.
  • Low price

  • Configuration requires general IT knowledge or strict adherence to the detailed configuration instructions given by the manufacturer.

We also invite you to discuss on our FORUM, where you can publish your comments and observations.

Wojciech Repiński
Leszek Błaszczyk


MikroTik hAP ac2 tower | WiFi Router | RBD52G-5HacD2HnD-TC, Dual Band, 5x RJ45 1000Mb/s, 1x USB
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