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New from Xiaomi - Mi Band 6

Xiaomi has recently released more new products that surprise with modern technologies, as well as more facilities for users. One of them is Mi Band 6 - a new sports band. Learn more about the new band, which stands out with a larger screen, more modes and many other features.
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Mi Band 6 - new screen

The new armband from Xiaomi will satisfy people who want a minimalist gadget for activity monitoring, which will feature excellent screen visibility. Xiaomi increased the touch screen to 1.6 inches, which already changes a lot in the comfort of use. But that's not all - a huge advantage is the brightness of the screen, which is 450 nits. Change to Mi Band 6 will result in a much more comfortable use of the device during outdoor activities. Everything will be perfectly visible in all conditions - regardless of the sunlight. The element that further affects the clarity and quality of messages is the resolution of 152x486 pixels. Not without significance is also the screen. It is very durable, it was made of tempered glass, covered with a coating that prevents leaving dirt, fingerprints and scratches. Another advantage of the wristband is a greater ability to personalize the appearance of the display. Xiaomi has provided users with plenty of additional dials - there are as many as 60! You can also choose to use your own photo as wallpaper. This way, each person will be able to personalize the appearance of the display to their own taste.
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Features that other wristbands don't have

Xiaomi surprised by adding another feature, it's a pulse oximeter. Many people began to be interested in this device in its traditional form, mainly because of the pandemic. Now you can constantly monitor the degree of oxygenation of the blood, both during illness and training. The current monitoring of this parameter allows you to change your workout in such a way that your body is adequately oxygenated all the time, and thanks to that your workouts will become more effective and at the same time less tiring, which will make them longer. The band also notes the quality of breathing during sleep. Mi Band 6 significantly expands the possibilities of measuring activities less popular. Xiaomi added a lot of additional disciplines, there are as many as 30 in total. Among them are: gymnastics, dancing, HIIT, zumba, stretching and many others.
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Mi Band 6 - an even more useful sports band

The new wristband from Xiaomi is supposed to have an extremely long battery life - up to 14 days on a single charge! The battery capacity is 125 mAh, and it is expected to take about two hours to fully charge the wristband. All this will make charging even less cumbersome. Another advantage of this device is high water resistance - 5 ATM. You can freely swim with it, but you should not use it for diving. Mi Band 6 allows you to use two different applications. Previous models only connected with Mi Fit. Now, the Xiaomi Wear app is also available. The band is magnetically charged, monitors your breathing and offers exercises to calm and regulate it.

Mi Band 6 capabilities

What are the options for the new wristband from Xiaomi? It will allow you to monitor the menstrual cycle, will notify the user of a long time of inactivity. Using Mi Band 6 connected to the phone, it will be possible to manage the camera in the smartphone. Band as standard will also record the continuity of sleep and the length of its specific phases, these statistics will be expanded by information on breathing. In the morning you will be woken up by vibration, as well as a sound selected by you. As usual, like the previous models, the band will measure physical activity - duration, calories burned, as well as the number of steps taken. You will check notifications from your phone, the weather, as well as your activity statistics and progress.
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Mi Band 6 - is it worth it?

The new wristband from Xiaomi is definitely more comfortable during use - the larger screen is a great comfort. Its brightness makes there is no problem with reading indicators in full sunlight. Disappointment will feel those who counted on built-in GPS, as well as the ability to pay NFC - this will be available only in versions of the band, which are intended for the Chinese market. Despite these minor drawbacks, it is worth jumping from previous models to the six. If only for the long battery life, the pulse oximeter or the bright and large display. If you are a person who already has a sports band, but to the ideal you lack a better display or additional features, this model will prove to be perfect for you.

Other news from Xiaomi

Among the fresh products from one of the most popular manufacturers, we can also find the Xiaomi Mi Smart Projector 2 Pro - a modern projector that can also act as a Bluetooth speaker. The manufacturer has also released new models of phones from the Mi 11 series. If you want to learn more about them, follow our next articles. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the offer Batna24.com!

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