Cambium EPMP 1000 4-pack | Antenna | Reflector dish
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Cambium EPMP 1000 4-pack | Antenna | Reflector dish

Cambium EPMP 1000 4-pack | Antenna | Reflector dish

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Antenna Cambium ePMP 1000

The ePMP 1000 reflect or antenna is designed to provide additional system gain when used in conjunction with the ePMP 1000 integrated antenna, and is manufactured to the highest level of quality and reliability. The ePMP integrated radio is attached to the reflector antenna with a specially designed mounting bracket that provides maximum system gain. This solution doubles the maximum range in LOS environments and enables communications to hard-to-reach stations. As a result, connectivity is delivered to more subscribers over a wider range without the need to install additional access points.


Powerful properties

The ePMP 1000 antenna reflector offers increased system gain - an additional 6-7 dB of gain over the ePMP1000 integrated non-synchronized radio - resulting in a total antenna gain of 19 dBi. The elliptical reflector is made of steel and is powder-coated for durability. It also has various placement options to help with complex installations. The reflector antenna works with ePMP radios in the 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz bands.


Specification sheet
Frequency range 2402 - 2472 MHZ and 5150 - 5970 MHZ
Antenna type Headlight disc
Gain 19 dBi (combined gain with integrated radio)
3DB beam width - elevation 25°
3DB beamwidth-azimuth 10°
Polarity Dual linear, horizontal/vertical
Front to back ratio >22 dB
Cross polarization isolation 15 dB
Dimensions 24 x 18 ''
Weight 4 kg
Mounting method Clamping screws
Diameter of the mounting pole 1-1/4'' - 4''
Wind speed 160 km/h (100mph)
UV protection Surface finish in UV-resistant powder paint
Matt powder paint
Number of antennas per package 4 pcs.



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