Green Cell AGM 6V 4.5Ah | Battery | Maintenance-free
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Green Cell AGM 6V 4.5Ah | Battery | Maintenance-free

Green Cell AGM 6V 4.5Ah | Battery | Maintenance-free

CODE: AGM02 / EAN: 5902701411480
4,85 GBP without VAT
Battery capacity: <5 Ah
Output voltage: 6V
Type of battery: Battery


Green Cell AGM VRLA 6V 4.5Ah battery

The AGM Green Cell 6V AGM battery is a buffer- and cyclical model, made of high quality materials. AGM batteries allow you to work in any position - not only vertical. This is possible thanks to the technology used, in which the electrolyte is absorbed by the glass fibre separator. The product has been designed in a way that allows for multi-core discharging and recharging and working in a wide range of temperatures, while maintaining capacity at a high level.

AGM Green Cell 6V 4.5Ah battery


  • Electric toys
  • Emergency lighting
  • Emergency power supply - UPS
  • Cash registers and fiscal printers
  • Alarm systems

Advantages of AGM batteries

  • high resistance to shocks, extreme temperatures and vibrations
  • no need to ventilate rooms where the battery is installed
  • smaller external dimensions and weight while maintaining the same capacity, relative to acidic batteries
  • maintenance-free operation - no need to top up the electrolyte


Features / filters
Battery capacity <5 Ah
Output voltage 6V
Type of battery Battery

Basic technical parameters
Product code AGM02
Capacity 4.5Ah
Terminal Faston 187 (F1)
Internal resistance ≤22.5mΩ (at 25°C)
Lifespan over 5 years
Guarantee 24 months
Physical parameters
Length (cm) 4,70
Self-unloading 2% per month (at 25°C)
Width (cm) 7,00
Height (cm) 10,10
Gross weight (kg) 0,700



What does it mean that the battery is maintenance-free?

This means that the battery does not require electrolyte refilling or any form of maintenance.

I need to mount the battery in an inclined position, will it work properly?

Yes, AGM batteries have a wide range of working positions, unlike traditional batteries.

Is the battery safe for children's toys?

Yes, thanks to its design it is perfect. In case of mechanical damage, there is little leakage from the battery, thanks to its design.

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