GREEN CELL UPS | UPS | Online MPII, LCD screen, 1000VA Schuko
GREEN CELL UPS | UPS | Online MPII, LCD screen, 1000VA Schuko

GREEN CELL UPS | UPS | Online MPII, LCD screen, 1000VA Schuko

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UPS Online Green Cell MPII UPS with 1000VA LCD display

The Green Cell UPS with 900W is an online model. It has an under-acute conversion, which is based on the fact that the voltage from the socket is first converted from AC to DC, supplying the battery charger. In the next step, the battery is the power source for the inverter, which already supplies the connected devices with alternating current. The technology used guarantees an uninterrupted power supply, without having to switch to battery power, because the inverter constantly draws current from the energy storage. The power supply is equipped with a cold start function, i.e. forcing the battery operation to start without connecting to the mains. This function is useful e.g. when it is necessary to start up a desktop computer with a current power outage.

The appropriate daily ór power supply of the UPS provides security for the connected devices and power supply until e.g. saving the edited fileów. The power supply is equipped with AGM Green Cell batteries with a life span of more than 5 years. The back-up time depends mainly on the power of the connected device and the appropriately selected UPS model, so it is worth remembering that when choosing a UPS, the power of the connected devices should not exceed 80% of its nominal value.


UPS Online Green Cell MPII UPS with 1000VA LCD display

Application of the Green Cell MPII Online UPS with 1000VA LCD display

The Green Cell UPS has the same voltage shape at its output as the current in the electrical outlet. This is due to the pure sine wave. Thanks to the power supply being equipped with additional elements, the device is widely used. Due to the online operation of the UPS, it is mainly used to power and protect servers. It is ideal as a protection of sensitive devices against damage due to fluctuations in the network or in the event that the mains power outage makes it impossible to record the effects of our work. The pure sinusoidal design of the UPS protects the capacitive or inductive devices connected to it, such as CO pumps or refrigerators. It is often used to power both cash registers and alarm systems - devices that provide safety and the possibility of continued operation. Thanks to the Green Cell emergency power supply, you will avoid the situation in which it will be impossible to save your work on your computer. It should be emphasized that a UPS is not only a backup power supply in the event of a power outage, but also a guarantee of safety for often expensive equipment against voltage fluctuations.



Features / filters
UPS power (VA) 1000

Technical parameters
Apparent power 1000VA
Power 900W
Overload protection Yes
Product code UPS17
Overvoltage protection Yes
Weight 14kg
Guarantee 24 months (12 months per battery)
Input voltage 110-290V
Input frequency 45-70Hz (automatically detected)
Output voltage 200/208/220/230/240V AC
Output voltage shape Pure Sinusoidal
Output frequency 50Hz / 60Hz
Battery 2x 12V 9Ah battery - battery life at 100% load 3-5min (displayed on LCD panel)
Nests 2x Schuko
Type of housing Tower
Topology Online
Dimensions 145 x 210 x 285 mm


Operating instructions Download
Firmware Download


Why is it important to have a UPS?

Lack of stability of the power grid may have a negative impact on the operation of, among others, computers. In addition to an additional power source, the UPS guarantees stability and deprives the power source of interference. This is due to current regulation and filtration, while protecting the equipment from damage caused by lightning.

UPS and laser printers

Laser printers are characterized by a power surge when switched on and during printing. Therefore, it is important to choose the correct power supply. Most often it oscillates within a few kVa.

How to match the power of the power supply to the protected computer hardware?

In order to correctly select the power of the UPS, the power of all the loads that we would like to protect should be added together. An important parameter of apparent power, expressed in VA. The values are given on the equipment nameplates, otherwise multiply the voltage [V] and current [A].

Devices often have the power given in Watts [W]. To obtain the value in VA, the total power of the devices in Watts should be multiplied by a factor of 1,4. It should be remembered that the power of the PSU is about 20-30% higher than the total power of the protected devices.

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