Huawei H901GPHF | GPON Card | dedicated for MA5800 OLT
Huawei H901GPHF | GPON Card | dedicated for MA5800 OLT

Huawei H901GPHF | GPON Card | dedicated for MA5800 OLT

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Huawei H901GPHF

Huawei H901GPHF is a 16-port Huawei NG OLT GPON interface card, providing access to GPON service with ONT. GPHF with inserts (2.5 Gb/s downlink and 1.25 Gb/s uplink). GPHF can get maximum access to 2048 subscriptions. The card has a manual shutdown of idle PON ports, thus preventing power wastage. The board uses 4-level technology HQoS (Hierarchical Quality of Service), and 9216 jumbo frames, which significantly affects the comfort of use.


The H901GPHF supports the following functions and specifications:

-16 GPON SFP ports
-Maximum partition coefficient 1: 128
- Bidirectional unidirectional optical modules class B + / C + / C ++
-Received signal strength indicator detection (RSSI) and optical module signal transmission control
- ONU-based traffic shaping
- Temperature reading and high temperature alarm
-Automatic shutdown for high temperatures
-Fault correction up and down (FEC)
-B/type C protection.
-L3VPN and D-CCAP networks
-Maximum transmission range 20 km
-Falsely detected ONU
-GPON port optical power budget
-B + class B + optical module with 28.5 dB power budget (used in most cases)
-C+ class C + optical module with 32 dB budget (used for long distance transmissions)
-C++-class optical module with 35 dB budget (used for long distance transmissions)


Port 16 GPON ports with SFP optical modules
Max. split radio B + class: 1:64
Class C + / C ++: 1: 128
Forwarding opportunities 40 Gbit/s
T-CONT to PON port 1024
Flows of services on the PON board 16384
Maximum frame size 2004 bytes
9216 bytes (jumbo frame enabled)
Maximum number of MAC addresses 131072
Working temperature From -40 ° C to + 65 ° C
Energy consumption Static: 25 W
Maximal: 50 W.


What are the differences between GPSF and GPHF when implementing GPON networks?

GPSF only supports FTTH, while GPHF supports FTTH, FTTO, FTTM and D-CCAP

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