Huawei PRTE | OLT Board | 1 x 48V power
Huawei PRTE | OLT Board |  1 x 48V power

Huawei PRTE | OLT Board | 1 x 48V power

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Huawei PRTE | OLT Board | 1 x 48V power

H801PRTE is a power supply board for OLT devices such as MA5683T and MA5680T with -48 V DC for the device.


The H801PRTE board supports the following functions:

  • One power consumption -48 V or -60 V DC (input voltage range: -38.4 V to -72 V)
  • Filtering and limiting current for power input port
  • Detection of under-voltage, detection if input power exists, and damage detection
  • A combined protection alarm reporting and online disc signal reporting
  • The ALARM indicator

 Operating principle of the H801PRTE board

  • H801PRTE has a 3V3 power supply connector that leads a -48 V or -60 V power channel. After passing the protective circuit and filtering circuit, the power supply is transferred to the mounting plate and supplies energy to other plates in the service rack.
  • The detection and reporting circuit detects fuse damage. Detected signals and board presence signals are reported to the control board of the same channel. The LED displays status.
  • Detection and reporting circuit detects under-voltage of input power and whether there is input power.
  • The 5-volt power supply from the backplane is used to supply power to some circuit boards.


Port 3V3 power port
Function Provides -48 V input power.
Energy consumption Static: 1,5 W
Maximum: 1.5 W.
Dimensions (mm) 25,40 X 237,00 X 105,10
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