Huawei S6720S-26Q-EI-24S-AC-DC | Switch | 24x SFP+, 2x QSFP+
Huawei S6720S-26Q-EI-24S-AC-DC | Switch | 24x SFP+, 2x QSFP+

Huawei S6720S-26Q-EI-24S-AC-DC | Switch | 24x SFP+, 2x QSFP+

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Huawei S6720S

Huawei's new generation S6720-SI switch fills the gap in the 2.5G / 5G switch range. The Huawei S6720-SI has the industry's most widespread interfaces, providing GE / 2.5G / 5G / 10G, multi-gigabit multiswitches that meet the high throughput requirements of high-speed 802.11ac wireless access points (APs). The switch allows businesses to quickly double network performance using existing cables without additional investment. In addition, the S6720-SI supports PoE ++ technology, offering best-in-class power distance of up to 200 m, allowing connection between different termins and access points in IoT. scenarios. The S6720-SI is ideal for scenarios such as high-speed wireless access and campus access or aggregation, meeting current network requirements and protecting customer investments.

Convenient management

S6700 supports automatic configuration, plug-and-play, USB implementation and remote batch upgrade. These features simplify device management and maintenance while reducing maintenance costs. The S6700 supports SNMPv1 / v2c / v3 and provides flexible device management methods. The S6700 can be managed via the CLI interface, web system or Telnet service. NQA functionality helps you plan and update your network. Furthermore, the S6700 supports NTP, SSH v2, HWTACACS, RMON, log hosts and port-based traffic statistics. The switch supports GVRP, which dynamically distributes, logs, and propagates VLAN attributes to reduce the workload associated with manual configuration of network administrators and ensure proper VLAN configuration.

Intelligent stack

S6720 SI series switches can be used as access or aggregation switches in small and medium campus networks
provide 2.5G ports for high-speed access to the AP, meeting capacity increase requirements. Rich service features
and comprehensive security mechanisms make the S6720 SI cost-effective in campus networks.


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