Lydsto R1 White | Smart vacuum cleaner | 2700 Pa, 5200 mAh, Doc
Lydsto R1 White | Smart vacuum cleaner | 2700 Pa, 5200 mAh, Docking station with 3L tank

Lydsto R1 White | Smart vacuum cleaner | 2700 Pa, 5200 mAh, Docking station with 3L tank

419,13 GBP with VAT
Colour: White
Mopping function: Yes
Type of vacuum cleaner: Cleaning robot


Intelligent cleaning robot with dust container in the docking station

TheLydsto R1 is an intelligent vacuum cleaner with mop function and a 3L dust container in the docking station. The robot will automatically empty its dust container, allowing it to work longer without user intervention. The process takes place while maintaining complete tightness. There is no concern about contact with dust.


Reliable navigation

A powerful dual-core processor can quickly process sensor information with Lysmart v5 's advanced positioning and navigation algorithms instantly mapping the environment up to 20% faster than other cleaning robots.


High-precision radar

LDS 2.0 is a high precision laser radar that creates an accurate map of the room and any obstacles it encounters. It scans the environment 6 times per second in 360 degrees at a maximum distance of 8 meters.

lydsto-r1 radar

Effective cleaning thanks to high suction power

The Lydsto R1 robot is equipped with an intelligent brushless motor with up to 17,000 rpm, which is highly efficient and powerful. Four suction options are available so that fine dust, debris, hair and dust collected in floor crevices are easily collected in the dust container.


Electrically controlled water tank with 250 ml capacity

The cleaning robot has 3 levels of mopping intensity increasing or decreasing the amount of water supplied. Lydsto R1 uses disposable mop cloths.

lydsto-r1 water tank


Features / filters
Colour White
Mopping function Yes
Type of vacuum cleaner Cleaning robot

Technical data
Dimensions 255mm x 218mm x 343mm
Model Lydsto R1 White
Power 50W
Battery capacity 5200mAh
Battery type Lithium ion
Connectivity WiFi 2.4GHz
Suction power 2700Pa
Water tank 250 ml
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