MikroTik CRS105-5S-FB | Router | 5x SFP, outdoor, waterproof
MikroTik CRS105-5S-FB | Router | 5x SFP, outdoor, waterproof

MikroTik CRS105-5S-FB | Router | 5x SFP, outdoor, waterproof

CODE: CRS105-5S-FB / EAN: 4752224000095
55,15 GBP with VAT
Number of LAN ports: 5x [1G (SFP)]
CPU frequency: 400MHz
RAM memory: 128MB


Resistant to external conditions

Fiberbox is an external switch with five SFP ports, ideal where distance limits the use of normal Ethernet cables. The device is weatherproof and equipped with clamps, ready to be installed on high masts and towers.


High-speed fiber optic connection

The package also includes a RJ45 SFP module (S-RJ01) already pre-installed in the first port, so you can use the Ethernet in one of the ports right out of the box. If this is not necessary, remove it to have access to all five SFP ports to use the 1.25 Gbit fiber modules.

MIKROTIK fiberbox S-RJ01 RJ45 SFP


Features / filters
Number of LAN ports 5x [1G (SFP)]
CPU frequency 400MHz
Management CLI - Command Line Interface, By web browser,
RAM memory 128MB
Type of case Plastic
Type of device power supply Power supply

Basic technical parameters
Processor QCA8511 400 MHz
RAM 128 MB
Memory Flash 16 MB
SFP (5) 1.25G Ethernet SFP (Mini-GBIC) basket; DDMI support
(1) module S-RJ01 Rj45 SFP
Dimensions 125 × 178 × 48 mm
Licence level 5
Operating temperature -20 to 70° C
Operating system RouterOS
Maximum power consumption 11 W
LEDs 9x LEDs (1x user LED)


Software Download
Quick manual Download
Information brochure Download


How much free disk space do I need when upgrading to a newer version?

You need space for a system package and additional packages that you need to upgrade. After uploading newer versions of the packages to your router, you should have at least 2 MB free disk space. If you have less than 2MB of space left, do not try to upgrade! First uninstall any unnecessary packages and then update the rest.

What is the default password for the MikroTik router?

Each router is configured at the factory with IP address on Ethernet port1. The default user name is admin without password. After the first login, please create a new user with the password in the "full" group, log in again and remove the default admin user.

How can I make an update?

To update your software, you must download the latest package files (*.npk) from our website. Then connect to your router via FTP and upload the new packages to it using the binary transfer mode. Restart your router by issuing the command /system reboot.

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