MikroTik mANT 15s | Sector antenna | MTAS-5G-15D120, 5GHz, 15dB
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MikroTik mANT 15s | Sector antenna | MTAS-5G-15D120, 5GHz, 15dBi

MikroTik mANT 15s | Sector antenna | MTAS-5G-15D120, 5GHz, 15dBi

CODE: MTAS-5G-15D120 / EAN: 4752224002396
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Antenna frequency: 5 GHz
Antenna type: Sector
Energy gain: 10dBi - 20dBi
Application: Outdoor


MicroTik mANT 15s

Mikrotik MTAS 5G 15D120 mANT 15s is a sector antenna 5 GHz cooperating with Mikrotik CPE BaseBox, NetBox, NetMetal or other wireless device for external use with RP-SMA connectors.

MicroTik mANT 15s

The antenna provides high gain and double polarization

The antenna has a 15dBi gain and double polarity, a beam width of 120 degrees and has two RP-SMA connectors. It is compatible with SXT type handles, so it can be used with our durable and adjustable QuickMount mounting system. The quickMOUNT PRO antenna mount is included.

MicroTik mANT 15s

The most important features:

  • It works in the 5 GHz band
  • Double polarity
  • Two RP-SMA connectors
  • SXT holder
  • Profit 15 dBi
  • Designed to work with BaseBox, NetMetal, NetBox and other outdoor devices
MicroTik mANT 15s


Features / filters
Antenna frequency 5 GHz
Antenna type Sector
Energy gain 10dBi - 20dBi
Application Outdoor
Connector type 2x RP-SMA
Cross polarization isolation >30 dB
Front-to-back ratio 30 dB
Horizontal beamwidth 120°
Polarization Double polarization (horizontal and vertical)
Port-to-Port isolation >40 dB
VSWR 1.8:1

Basic technical parameters:
Product code MTAS-5G-15D120
Beam width 120 degrees (azimuth) 10 degrees (height)
3DB beam width - elevation 10°
The link Two RP-SMAs
Cross-polarity > 30 dB
Dimensions 140 x 348 x 82 mm
Frequency range 5.17 - 5.825 GHz
Forward to back ratio > 30 dB
Polarisation Vertically and horizontally
Port to port isolation > 40 dB min
VSWR 1.43 type, max. 1.8
Weight 734 g
Energy gain 15 dBi



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What is the SMA connector for ?

SMA connector - coaxial connector used to connect devices using coaxial cables and transmitting high frequency signals.

How does a directional antenna work ?

It is an antenna that radiates almost all power, in one distinguished direction.

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