Mikrotik PWR-LINE 7400 PL7400 | Power supply with microUSB | fo
Mikrotik PWR-LINE 7400 PL7400 | Power supply with microUSB | for hAP mini, hAP lite, EU plug

Mikrotik PWR-LINE 7400 PL7400 | Power supply with microUSB | for hAP mini, hAP lite, EU plug

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Mikrotik PWR-LINE 7400 PL7400

MicroTik PWR-Line (PL7400) is a 2-in-1 device. It is also a substitute power supply for MikroTik router powered by microUSB. and PLC network transmitter (media converter) using HomePlug AV standard.


Easy and quick connection

Simply remove the old microUSB power supply and replace it with a PWR-Line adapter. The device is still powered from USB, but now it has a new Ethernet interface that works over the power supply. Connect another PWR-Line device somewhere in your apartment and the devices will be connected, allowing you to extend the range of your wireless network or simply make it easier to connect between different rooms without laying cables. Please note that these types of devices should be connected in one phase, and their throughput is limited by the quality of the electrical installation.


MikroTik PL7400 is designed for MikroTik products with microUSB port such as: (For the PWR-Line to perform its function, the MikroTik device must have RouterOS v6.44 or higher software version).

  • hAP mini (RB931-2nD)
  • hAP lite (RB941-2nD)
  • hAP lite tower (RB941-2nD-TC)
  • mAP (RBmAP2nD) mAP lite (RBmAPL-2nD)
  • MicroTik PWR-Line AP (PL7411-2ND) and PWR-Line PRO (PL7510Gi)


The most important features:

  • transmits Ethernet over the electrical network
  • MicroUSB connector - compatibility only with selected MikroTika routers
  • HomePlug AV standard
  • Chipset AR7420


Basic technical parameters

Product code PL7400
Power supply 100-240V
Operating temperature from -20 to +60 ° C
Chipset AR7420
Memory 1 MB flash memory
Type of connector microUSB
Dimensions 50 x 68 x 33 mm



Short guide (ENG) Download
Brochure (ENG) Download


What is a PLC transmitter ?

A device enabling network transmission using a working electrical network

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