MikroTik RB435G | Router | 3x RJ45 1000Mb/s, 5x miniPCI, 2x USB
MikroTik RB435G | Router | 3x RJ45 1000Mb/s, 5x miniPCI, 2x USB, 1x microSD

MikroTik RB435G | Router | 3x RJ45 1000Mb/s, 5x miniPCI, 2x USB, 1x microSD

CODE: RB435G / EAN: 5902560365511
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Number of LAN ports: 3x 10/100/1000BaseTX (RJ45)
Additional connectors / interfaces: 5x miniPCI1x microSD2x USBRS232
CPU frequency: 680 MHz



Five miniPCI slots and three Gigabit Ethernet ports provide enough connectivity options to use RB435G as a central part of the network. Now with Gigabit ports to properly utilize all 802.11n speeds with Nv2 wireless network. Five miniPCI slots to use for four sectors and a backbone network or any other configuration you need - RB435G has the largest number of miniPCI slots of all our products. If you need to use multiple miniPCI cards - RB435G is your choice! Two USB 2.0 ports can be used to expand your storage, add a wireless 3G modem for backup, for mobile installation or all together.

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Features / filters
Number of LAN ports 3x 10/100/1000BaseTX (RJ45)
Additional connectors / interfaces 5x miniPCI, 1x microSD, 2x USB, RS232,
CPU frequency 680 MHz
Management CLI - Command Line Interface, By web browser,
PoE input Yes
RAM memory 256MB
Type of case Without enclosure
Type of device power supply Power supply, Passive PoE,

Basic technical parameters
Nominal processor frequency 680 MHz
Number of processor cores 1
RAM 256 MB
Architecture MIPS-BE
10/100 Ethernet port 0
10/100/1000 Ethernet port 3
MiniPCI 5
MiniPCI-e 0
USB port 2
Memory card 1
Type of memory card microSD
Jack power supply 1
802.3af No
PoE out No
Supported input voltage 8 V - 28 V
PoE in Yes
Voltage monitor Yes
Processor temperature monitor No
PCB temperature monitor Yes
Dimensions 105mm x 154mm
System RouterOS
Operating temperature -30C to +60C
Licence level 5
DBI antenna gain No
Current monitor Yes
Ports SFP No
Ports SFP+ No
USB slot type USB Type A
Number of chains 0
Serial port RS232


Microtik brochure RB435G Download
Quick Guide Mikrotik RB435G Download


Routerboard what is it?

RouterBOARD is a hardware platform from MikroTik, which is a line of routers with RouterOS operating system. Almost all models of RouterBOARD devices can be powered via Ethernet (PoE) and have a connector for external power source.

Routerboard reset

Look for the reset button marked "RES" on the MikroTik router. Then turn off the power to the device. Hold down the reset button and do not release it. Turn on the device power and wait for the "ACT" LED to flash. Finally, release the button to clear the configuration.

What is the default password for the MikroTik router?

Each router is configured at the factory with IP address on Ethernet port1. The default user name is admin without password. After the first login, please create a new user with the password in the "full" group, log in again and remove the default admin user.

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