MikroTik SXTsq Lite60 | CPE | RBSXTsq-60ad, 60GHz, 1x RJ45 100M
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MikroTik SXTsq Lite60 | CPE | RBSXTsq-60ad, 60GHz, 1x RJ45 100Mb/s

MikroTik SXTsq Lite60 | CPE | RBSXTsq-60ad, 60GHz, 1x RJ45 100Mb/s

CODE: RBSXTSQ-60AD / EAN: 4752224000088
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Number of LAN ports: 1x 10/100BaseTX (RJ45)
Operating frequency: 60 GHz
CPU frequency: 650 MHz


MicroTik SXTsq Lite60

SXTsq Lite60 is a new model in our 60 GHz line. It is an inexpensive CPE device to connect to a 60 GHz access point, allowing you to build a cost effective point for multipoint installation in the clean wireless 60 GHz spectrum. Up to eight of these CPE devices can be connected to a 60 GHz access point, such as our wAP60G AP.


Ideal for connections up to 200 meters

For connections up to 200 meters this is the best alternative to wireless connections, where the wireless space 2 GHz and 5 GHz is crowded and uncertain, for a fraction of the price. Small, lightweight, compact and very affordable, it is 60 GHz like no other. It is powered by passive PoE, input voltage is 12-30 V DC. The device is installed on a pole with a metal clamp attached to SXTsq.


The most important features:

  • 1 fast Ethernet port
  • RouterOS level 3
  • Max. range 200 m
  • Standard 802.11ad
  • Operating in the 60 GHz band


Features / filters
LAN standard Fast Ethernet 10/100Mb/s
Number of LAN ports 1x 10/100BaseTX (RJ45)
Operating frequency 60 GHz
CPU frequency 650 MHz
Device type Client device
RAM memory 64MB
Type of device power supply Passive PoE

Basic technical parameters:
Product code RBSXTsq-60ad
Architecture MIPSBE
Number of processor cores 1x
Dimensions 129 x 129 x 34 mm
Licence level 3
Operating system RouterOS
Size of RAM 64 MB
Storage size 16 MB
Type of storage FLASH
Tested ambient temperature From -40 ° C to 50 ° C
PoE in Passive PoE
PoE at the input Voltage 12-30 V.
Number of DC inputs 1 (PoE-IN)
Ethernet interface 1x fast Ethernet 10/100 Mb/s port
Set composition SXTsq Lite60, Metal clamp, 24 V power supply, 0.38 A, PoE injector



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What is the PoE power supply for ?

PoE allows you to use a single cable for power and data transmission, saving you money on purchasing and dragging cables for network devices and VoiP phones.

What is a MicroTik RouterOS?

MikroTik RouterOS is the operating system of the router and software that allows the PC or Mikrotik RouterBoard to be a dedicated router.

What is a client device ?

This is different. Bridge Network Devices are kits that allow you to create point-to-point connections. They provide reliable and fast data transmission. The information flow is secure and mobile - within the range of the client device. They form a wireless network and work together. It is worth noting that the base stations have specific software that allows to manage individual points.

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