Tinycontrol 5G10A V2 | Power strip | IP, Rack 19'', 5x AC 230V
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Tinycontrol 5G10A V2 | Power strip | IP, Rack 19'', 5x AC 230V socket

Tinycontrol 5G10A V2 | Power strip | IP, Rack 19'', 5x AC 230V socket

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Power strip managed by IP 5G10A V2

The power strip is equipped with 5 230V sockets with grounding. Thanks to the Ethernet IP module, it is possible to remotely control the sockets through a built-in web server or SNMP protocol. As the sockets work independently, we can turn on or off the selected device without interrupting the work of other devices connected to the strip.

Tinycontrol power strip IP 5G10A

The strip has been prepared for mounting in a 19" rack, the RJ45 network output and additional sensors are located on the front of the strip so we have easy access to these connectors. The strip has an input for DS18B20 temperature detector operating in 1wire standard. Using an additional splitter you can connect up to 4 sensors. The sockets are protected with 2x10A fuses.


Basic technical parameters

Number of sockets 5
Supply voltage AC 230V
1wire RJ11 support up to 4 sensors
Ethernet speed 10Mb



Datasheet Download
Manual Download


Are the fuses in the strip automatic or do you have to unscrew them when they are tripped?

These are disposable fuses - you have to replace them with new ones when they work.

Will the strip work if I connect it to the gigabit switch?

The strip itself supports 10Mbps and can be connected to any switch that supports it.

How can I log in to the device?

Enter the address in the browser address, the default login and password is "admin".

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