Tinycontrol 5G7A Gigabit | PoE Injector | 5x LAN, 5x LAN + PoE
Tinycontrol 5G7A Gigabit | PoE Injector | 5x LAN, 5x LAN + PoE

Tinycontrol 5G7A Gigabit | PoE Injector | 5x LAN, 5x LAN + PoE

66,92 GBP with VAT


Managed PoE 5G7A Injector

The projector, manufactured for radio Internet providers, provides power for twisted-pair network cables. It is designed to work with a maximum speed of 1Gbps. The voltage is applied to two pairs of wires according to passive PoE 100Mbps requirements, which makes it compatible with slower LAN versions. Input voltage of the injector is in the range from 12V to 56V and we select it depending on the powered network devices.

The PoE projector is encapsulated in a 1U rack-mountable housing. DIN rail mounting is also possible with an optional bracket.


Features / filters
Data transmission speed Gigabit Ethernet

Technical Specification
Number of ports 1Gbps 5x LAN, 5x LAN+PoE
Power supply on veins 4+, 5+, 7–, 8–
Supply voltage 12 ÷ 56 V DC
Power consumption on one PoE port maximum 1.5 A (recommended up to 1 A)
Reverse polarity protection Yes
Output short-circuit protection YES 1,6 A
Operating temperature range -20 to + 65 °C
Dimensions (height x width x length) 45 x 78 x 170 mm (207 mm with handles)
Weight 590g



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Can the injector be mounted on a DIN rail?

The projector can be mounted on a DIN rail with an optional bracket.

What voltage is applied to the PoE outputs?

The voltages applied to all ports are the same, equal to the supply voltage.

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