Tinycontrol LAN Controller V2.5 | LAN Controller | 1x RJ45 10Mb
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Tinycontrol LAN Controller V2.5 | LAN Controller | 1x RJ45 10Mb/s PoE

Tinycontrol LAN Controller V2.5 | LAN Controller | 1x RJ45 10Mb/s PoE

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Tinycontrol lan controller v2.5 in housing

The Tinycontrol LAN Controller is a device which allows the user to read measurement values from sensors connected to the device and to control other electronic devices via digital and analogue outputs. The Ethernet port enables connection to a local/internet network and remote operation with the device. A dedicated smartphone application, similarly to the web interface, allows the configuration of operating schedules and event scenarios.

Key features

  • 5 analogue inputs: temperature, voltage and current measurement (via additional boards)
  • 1wire digital input: 4 to 6 DS18B20 temperature sensors
  • Digital input for DHT22 temperature and humidity sensor
  • 4 logic inputs: as a condition sensor for monitoring, as a pulse counter from the energy meter
  • 1 relay (NZ, NO, C)
  • 1 transistor output, providing supply voltage at the terminals, to control receivers with current consumption up to 1A
  • 4 outputs for switching relays, transistors, etc.
  • 1 PWM output 2.6KHZ to 4MHz
  • Measurement of supply temperature and voltage on the board
  • Reverse polarity protection


Technical parameters
Supply voltage 9-55V
Power consumption 1W
PoE power supply Yeah, passive
Interface Ethernet 10Mbit/s
Relay 255VAC 10A
Operating temperature range -20 to +85st C
Dimensions 60x68mm
Weight 50g


Is the mobile application for remote management additionally paid for?

The mobile application for Android to manage Lan controller is completely free.

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