Tinycontrol MQ-7 | Carbon monoxide sensor |
Tinycontrol MQ-7 | Carbon monoxide sensor |

Tinycontrol MQ-7 | Carbon monoxide sensor |

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Tinycontrol carbon monoxide sensor MQ-7

The MQ-7 module allows to detect the concentration of carbon monoxide in the air. The module is mounted on a PCB prepared for connection to Arduino, AVR, PIC or others. Additionally, mounting holes have been prepared on the board to facilitate mounting to the ground.

The module allows to measure CO concentration in the air. Analogue output is supplied with voltage depending on the detected oxide concentration. The value of the engraved concentration is given to the digital output. The module can be calibrated with a potentiometer located on the board.


Technical parameters
Supply voltage 5V
Measuring range up to 10 000 ppm
LED power signalling
Dimensions 35 x 22 x 30 mm
Output connector goldpin r=2.54 mm


There are two LEDs on the board - what are they for?

One LED indicates power supply and another indicates digital output status.

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