Ubiquiti AF-5G34-S45 | Directional antenna | airFiber Dish, 5GH
Ubiquiti AF-5G34-S45 | Directional antenna | airFiber Dish, 5GHz, 34dBi

Ubiquiti AF-5G34-S45 | Directional antenna | airFiber Dish, 5GHz, 34dBi

CODE: AF-5G34-S45 / EAN: 810354023446
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Antenna frequency: 5 GHz
Antenna type: Directional
Energy gain: >31 dBi
Application: Outdoor


Small footprint for flexible deployment

The airFiber X device together with the airFiber X antenna can be used as a high quality endpoint, point to point bridge (PtP) or re-point to point. AirFiber X supports diagonal polarization ± 45° to increase interference immunity and use SNR. Compounding execution means that airFiber X can be mounted on the Ubiquiti directional antenna without the need for additional tools.

ubiquiti networks AF-5G34-S45 AIRFIBER DISH SLANT 5GHZ 34DBI

Plug and Play function

Advanced radio signal isolation

Ubiquiti AF-5G34-S45 is a special directional canopy antenna, operating in the 5GHz frequency band and with a gain of 34dBi. The radiation characteristics of the directional antenna guarantees the highest possible signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and high resistance to interference from other devices. The AIRFIBER DISH canopy model is designed to provide users with reliable connections and high performance.

ubiquiti networks 5GHZ 34 DB AIRFIBER DISH


Features / filters
Antenna frequency 5 GHz
Antenna type Directional
Energy gain >31 dBi
Application Outdoor
Compatible with brand Ubiquiti
Cross polarization isolation >35 dB
Front-to-back ratio 42 dB
Horizontal beamwidth
Polarization Double linear
Vertical beamwidth
VSWR 1.4:1

Basic technical parameters
Dimensions 1050 × 1050 × 421 mm
Weight 13.5 kg
Frequency band 5.1 - 5.8 GHz
Profit 34 dBi
Radiant angle for + 45° 3° (3 dB)
Radiant angle for - 45° 3° (3 dB)
Reverse radiation 42 dB
Maximum VSWR 1.4:1
Wind load 1,779 N @ 200 km/h
Wind resistance 200 km/h (125 mph)
Polarisation Horizontal and vertical (dual)
Inter-polarisation insulation 35 dB Min.
ETSI EN 302 326 DN2
Installation equipment Universal pole bracket, mounting brackets for airFiber X radio and waterproof coaxial cable for connecting the radio


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Installation of an external GPS antenna

Znajdź punkt montażowy, który ma wyraźny widok na niebo i znajduje się jak najdalej od anteny.
1. Przymocuj mocowanie anteny GPS do słupa za pomocą metalowego paska lub przymocuj je do ściany za pomocą odpowiednich elementów mocujących.

ubiquiti AIRFIBER  5GHZ 34DBI

2. Umieść zewnętrzną antenę GPS na uchwycie.

ubiquiti networks 5GHZ 34DB PtP

3. Zamocuj kabel zewnętrznej anteny GPS do uchwytu za pomocą opaski kablowej.

GPS ubiquiti AF-5G34-S45

At what frequencies does the device operate ?

Antenna frequency: 5 GHz

What are the exact dimensions of the antenna ?

Dimensions: 1050 × 1050 × 421 mm

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