Ubiquiti EP-54V-150W | Modular power supply | EdgePower, 54V, 1
Ubiquiti EP-54V-150W | Modular power supply | EdgePower, 54V, 150W AC/DC

Ubiquiti EP-54V-150W | Modular power supply | EdgePower, 54V, 150W AC/DC

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Output voltage: 54V
Power supply: > 100W


Ubiquiti Networks EdgePower - modular power supply with versatile and modular design.

Ubiquiti (EP-54V-150W) EdgePower 54V 150W is a high power, modular power supply system designed to connect to routers and switches, providing power to connected PoE devices. Mounted in a Ubiquiti Edgepower rack is equipped with two power supply pockets. The kit includes one AC-DC module with 54 V and 150 W voltage and an optional AC-DC or DC-DC module (dc power).

ubiquiti networks EP-54V-150W EDGEPOWER DC

High power

Ubiquiti EdgePower delivers up to 150W output power. With an optional power supply in an additional bay, EdgePower can be configured to deliver up to 300W of current. Adding DC rectifiers (EdgePower EP-54V-150W-DC) to the power supply will make it possible to connect batteries, then EdgePower will obtain the functionality of a low power telecommunications power plant. The DC rectifier has a wide input voltage range - from 22 to 60 V. In this way it is possible to connect 2, 3 or 4 batteries in series. DCModule has protection against discharge and allows charging the batteries.


Reserve power supply

If a failure of the main power supply is detected, the auxiliary power supply automatically turns on to ensure continuity of supply.

ubiquiti edgepower modular psu

Example of application of the Ubiquiti ep54v150w.

UBIQUITI EP-54V-150W power supply

Remote monitoring and configuration

The Ubiquiti Edgepower 54v 150w configuration interface, designed for convenient management, allows administrators to configure and monitor the functionality of the power supply in a simple, graphical user interface.

EDGEPOWER ubiquiti psu

The most important features:

  • Web-based graphic interface with remote management
  • Can be mounted in a rack
  • Output voltage 150 W
  • Possibility to connect a second AC charger - two chargers can operate redundantly or together (increasing power up to 300 W)
  • High quality workmanship


Features / filters
Output voltage 54V
Power supply > 100W

Basic technical parameters
Dimensions 299,8 × 286,9 × 42,55 mm
Weight 2.7 kg
Power supply method 100-240VAC/50-60 Hz, universal input
Power module (dc module) 54V, 150W AC/DC,
Maximum output power 150W (1 power supply module)
300W (2 power supply modules at 150W each)
LEDs Power, Ethernet, PSU
Network interface (1) 10/100 RJ45 Ethernet (fast Ethernet)
PoE 24v None
sfp modules No
Management interface Ethernet cable In-Band, Web UI
Installation in a rack Yes, 1U High
permissible operating temperature 0 to 40° C
humidity 10 to 90%
ESD/EMP protection Air ± 24KV; Contact ± 24KV
Can act as a PoE power supply No
Certificates ce fcc ic


Software Download
Datasheet Download
Quick start guide Download


Does the edgepower 54v 150w have the ability to be mounted in a rack ?


Can the device deliver 300W ?

Yes, EdgePower can be configured to deliver up to 300W.

Is it possible to power the Ubiquiti EdgePoint s16 ?

Yes, it has the ability to power the ubiquiti edgepoint.

Is it possible to power access points ?


What is the permissible air humidity ?

10 to 90%

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