Ubiquiti MFI-MSC | Motion sensor | mFi, ceiling mounted
Ubiquiti MFI-MSC | Motion sensor | mFi, ceiling mounted

Ubiquiti MFI-MSC | Motion sensor | mFi, ceiling mounted

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Type of sensor: Motion
Device type: Sensor


Unlimited expansion possibilities

Ubiquiti Networks' mFi® management system is managed and monitored from the mFI controller software. The mFI Controller allows you to create rules that cause actions based on data from mFi sensors. For example, when motion is detected, the light can be switched on and when a high temperature is detected, the fan is switched on. The mFI platform is compatible with devices from other manufacturers.


Ceiling-mounted motion detector

The mFi-MSC device is a dual-technology motion detector that uses both passive infrared and microwave motion detectors to minimize the likelihood of false alarms. It has handles to mount it on the wall. The sensor is designed for protection, motion detection, device planning and other intelligent applications.

ubiquiti mfi-msc smarthome sensor

Simple configuration

Setting up the devices is extremely simple and is done by sensor control and machines - depending on the schedule or conditions

ubiquiti mfi-msc sensor


Features / filters
Type of sensor Motion
Device type Sensor

Basic technical parameters
Dimensions 134,5 × 134,5 × 134,5 × 30,5 mm
Weight 136 g (4,80 oz)
Radio interference immunity 10 V/m at 80 MHz to 2 GHz
Warm-up time 2 minutes
Angle of vision 360°.
Detection angle Wide angle of 110°
Ports (1) mFi RJ45 Port
Installation Ceiling mount bracket (supplied)
Installation height Up to 4.5 m
Operating temperature 0 to 50°C
Working humidity 5 to 95%


Software Download
Datasheet Download
Quick start guide Download


How does the motion detector work ?

MFI-MSC is a dual-technology motion detector using both passive infrared and microwave motion detectors

Is the device configurable ?

UBIQUITI MFI-MSC can be configured so that e.g. when motion is detected, it will switch on the light or set off an alarm.

Is the device compatible with devices of other manufacturers ?


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