Ubiquiti SM-SP-40 | Switch | SUNMAX SolarPoint, 4x 24V PoE 100M
Ubiquiti SM-SP-40 | Switch | SUNMAX SolarPoint, 4x 24V PoE 100Mb/s, DC Output 40W

Ubiquiti SM-SP-40 | Switch | SUNMAX SolarPoint, 4x 24V PoE 100Mb/s, DC Output 40W

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Number of LAN ports: 4x 10/100BaseTX (RJ45)
Number of PoE ports: 4x [Passive PoE 24V (100M)]
Number of WAN ports: Not applicable


SolarPoint control options for the solar charging controller.

Ubiquiti networks SM-SP-40 can be remotely managed and has maximum power monitoring (MPPT) 24 V, 7A. The device has a built-in 4-port PoE switch 24 V and DC output power to 40 W. Modern software allows to forecast the weather.


Versatile, modular design

SolarPoint is easy to configure for almost any combination of devices.

UBIQUITI networks fast ethernet

Example of implementation with SolarPoint device

sunmax solar switch SOLARPOINT 4 port

Pole mounting

The durable SolarPoint housing is resistant to outdoor conditions, including wind, rain and snow. The included rubber plugs protect the cable holes.


Remote monitoring and configuration

Designed for convenience management. The user interface allows SolarPoint administrators to configure devices and monitor loading.

UBIQUITI networks


Features / filters
LAN standard Fast Ethernet 10/100Mb/s
Number of LAN ports 4x 10/100BaseTX (RJ45)
Number of PoE ports 4x [Passive PoE 24V (100M)]
Number of WAN ports Not applicable
Management CLI - Command Line Interface, By web browser,
Power (W) 2
Type of case Rack (1U)

Basic technical parameters
Dimensions 202 × 186 × 50 mm
Weight 650 g
Characteristics of the housing UV-resistant, outdoor use
Maximum power consumption 2W
Network interface (4) 10/100 Fast Ethernet ports
Management interface Ethernet
Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz)
Button Reset
LEDs System, output
Power source PV panel (H4 connectors)
PV input voltage range 10 - 60 V
Maximum PV current 10A
Power control MPPT
Output interfaces 24VDC passive PoE (pins 4, 5+; 7, 8-)
Terminal block 24VDC
Output voltage Battery voltage limited to 24 V (Surge protection)
Maximum output power PoE: 17W, DC output: 24W, Maximum total 40W
Battery type 24 V SLA, AGM, lead-gel battery
Voltage levels 27.4 V, 28.2 V, 29.1 V, 30 V
Variable charge voltage 95% of the voltage increase
Maximum charging current 7A
Low-voltage protection 22 - 23.6 V Configurable software
22 V Equipment protection
2 Priority levels for exit
Operating temperature -20 to 50° C
Moisture IPx4
Certificates FCC/IC/CE


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How to install a solarpoint device?

1. Naciśnij w dół i przesuń pokrywę do przodu.
sunmax solar switch

2. Podnieść pokrywę do góry.
solar switch

3. Wyjmij czteropinowe złącze z bloku zacisków akumulatora.
sunmax solar

4. Zacisnąć złączkę na jednym końcu przewodu.
weather prediction

5. Włóż zaciśnięty przewód do odpowiedniego otworu na złączu czteropinowym. Używając śrubokręta płaskiego, przymocuj przewód do złącza dokręcając śrubę do oporu.
ubiquiti networks

6. Powtarzaj kroki cztery i pięć, aż złącze będzie w pełni obsadzone wszystkimi czterema przewodami.
fast ethernet

7. Podłączyć przewód NTC i przewód baterii za pomocą czterostykowego złącza.
24v poe

8. Przymocuj kable panelu fotowoltaicznego.

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