Micro UPS 1000/600W | Power supply | 1x 9Ah
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Micro UPS 1000/600W | Power supply | 1x 9Ah

Micro UPS 1000/600W | Power supply | 1x 9Ah

CODE: VOLT MICRO UPS 1000/600W 1X9AH / EAN: 5903111886844
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Micro UPS 1000/600W is an uninterruptible power supply unit designed for small offices. With its small size and low weight it fits easily near your workspace. Thanks to the built-in voltage stabilizer, the equipment will not be damaged by power surges. In addition, the power supply can be run by the built-in battery without a direct connection to the mains.


Key features:

  • Reliable and powerful microprocessor control system
  • Mains voltage stabiliser AVR
  • Eco-friendly automatic power saving function
  • Possibility to run the power supply without connection to AC mains
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Overload protection
  • Built-in powerful AGM 1x9Ah battery
  • Made in Line-Interactive technology
  • Two 230V power sockets allowing to keep two devices working simultaneously
  • UPSILON 2000 software included - among other things, possibility to connect the power supply to a computer (USB port)


Technical data
Total (instantaneous) power: 1000W
Constant power: 600W
Voltage: 220-230V (50/60Hz)
Voltage range: 162-290V
Efficiency: 90%
Frequency: 50/60Hz+-1Hz
Voltage waveform: Sinusoid approximated
Capacity: 9Ah
Charging time: 6-8 hours to 90%
Switching time ms: 3ms
AC (mains) mode: Green LED on
DC (battery) mode: Yellow LED flashes
Failure Mode: Red LED illuminates
Backup mode: Signal every 10s
Poor battery charge: Signal every 1s
Overload: Signal every 0.5s
Error: Continuous signal
Full security: Overload, over-discharge and over-discharge protection
Dimensions: 338x149x162mm
Weight: 7,8kg
Temperature: 0-40C



Operating Instructions Download


How long will my equipment run if there is a power outage?

Office laptop (65W) ~ 2.3h
Office computer (350W) ~ 24min
Cash Register (30W) ~ 5.0h
Large Cash Register (50W) ~ 3.0h
Wi-Fi Camera (5W) ~ 30.2h
Wi-Fi Router (10W) ~ 15.1h
Alarm System (30W) ~ 5.0h

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