Micro UPS 1500/900W | Power supply | 2x 9Ah
Micro UPS 1500/900W | Power supply | 2x 9Ah

Micro UPS 1500/900W | Power supply | 2x 9Ah

CODE: VOLT MICRO UPS 1500/900W 2X9AH / EAN: 5903111886868
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Reliable compact uninterruptible power supply UPS

The VOLT MICRO UPS 1500/900W 2X9 AH emergency power supply features a compact housing and low weight, making it ideal for rooms with limited floor space. The unit has a reliable and powerful microprocessor control system, and an advanced mains voltage stabilizer module (ABR), which protects the unit against sudden voltage spikes. Auxiliary power supply can only be started from the built-in battery without a direct connection to the mains, moreover, the device has been equipped with ecological functions for automatic energy saving, which makes the device an energy-saving and reliable emergency power supply for computers and computer peripherals.


Built-in display

The power supply has a built-in display, which significantly helps monitor the current status of the device. The display shows, among others:

  • Input and output voltage
  • UPS operation mode (mains, battery, failure)
  • Battery charge status
  • Level of load connected to the power supply
  • Icon of overload (flashes when too much power is connected to the power supply)

Models of Micro UPS series with external software - UPSILON 2000 have the ability to, among others:

  • Changes and control parameters
  • Configuration of sent messages
  • Alarm settings
  • Remote monitoring and management of the UPS


Features / filters
UPS power (VA) 1500

VA 900W/1500VA
Voltage 220 - 230 VAC (50/60 Hz)
Voltage range 162 - 290 VAC
Efficiency ~ 90%
Frequency 50/60 Hz +-1Hz
Course of tension Approximated sine wave
AGM 2 * 9 Ah
Charging time 6 - 8 hours to 90%
ms ~ 3 ms
AC (network) mode The AC MODE icon on the display is illuminated
DC (battery) mode The BATT icon is highlighted. MODE on display
Failure mode The FAULT icon on the display is highlighted
Backup mode Signal every 10 seconds
Poor battery charge Signal every 1 s
Overload Signal every 0.5 s
Error Continuous signal
Full Overloading, before overloading and discharging etc.
mm 380 x 158 x 198
kg 10,7
Temperature 0 - 40 C
Noise < 40 dB


What is the voltage course in the power supply?

The sine wave is an aproximized sinusoidal.

How long does it take to charge the battery?

Battery charging time is 6-8 hours to 90%.

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