POWER SINUS UPS 5000 24V | Power supply | 5000W
POWER SINUS UPS 5000 24V | Power supply | 5000W

POWER SINUS UPS 5000 24V | Power supply | 5000W

686,45 GBP with VAT
Battery voltage in UPS: 24V
UPS power (VA): 5000
Voltage (V) / Power (W): 24V / 5000W


Power Sinus UPS 5000 24V

The POWER SINUS series uninterruptible power supply is equipped with many innovative solutions, while being the most popular brand of affordable uninterruptible power supplies on the market. The device is a combination of an inverter, a universal mains rectifier, and an automatic mains switch (AC) in one circuit with a peak DC/AC conversion efficiency of approximately 88%. Power Sinus UPS 5000 24V offers multi-stage charging with power factor correction and a "pure" sinusoidal signal at an output with an unprecedentedly high pulse power to meet the high demands of emergency power equipment.

power sinus ups 5000

Economical work

Emergency power supply Power Sinus UPS 5000 is characterized by a high instantaneous power (overload), it oscillates at a level of about 300% of nominal power, which is maintained to about 20s, so that the device allows for economical operation with advanced electrical equipment. The power consumption at standstill reaches up to 4% of the nominal power. The use of the SC PRIORITY/BATTERY PRIORITY priority switch and automatic start of the generator makes the device perfect for operation in both emergency power supply systems or for renewable energy applications.

power sinus ups 5000

Visual and audible signalling

The PSU has been equipped with LED and buzzer sound lights, which inform about the status of the device and facilitate operation and search for possible problems. Additionally, the PSU can be equipped with an external control panel, which is equipped with a display presenting the most important device parameters.


Wide range of applications

Power Sinus UPS 5000 24V is ideal for supplying electrical equipment that requires 230V AC from a 24V DC battery. Additionally, the power supply can be used as an emergency power source for devices requiring continuous power supply.




Features / filters
Battery voltage in UPS 24V
UPS power (VA) 5000
Voltage (V) / Power (W) 24V / 5000W

Technical data:
Continuous power 5000 W
Temporary power 15000 VA
Output voltage Pure sinus
Inverter efficiency 88%
Efficiency in network mode >95%
PFC 0.9-1.0
Output voltage rms 230VAC
Output voltage adjustment ±10% RMS
Output frequency 50 ± 0.3Hz
Typical network/access transfer time 10ms(max)
THD < 10%
Input voltage 24.0VDC
Minimum input voltage 12.0VDC
Low voltage signalling 21.0VDC / 22.0VDC
Under-voltage cut-off 20.0VDC / 21.0VDC
Overvoltage signalling and cut-off 32.0VDC
Maximum input voltage 31.0VDC
Dimensions 598 mm x 218 mm x 179 mm
Weight 44KG


What is the tension?

Pure Sinus

Does the device work with solar panels?

Yes, the device works with solar panels (no solar regulator)

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