SINUS PLUS 1500 24V | Power inverter | 1500W, with control modu
SINUS PLUS 1500 24V | Power inverter | 1500W, with control module

SINUS PLUS 1500 24V | Power inverter | 1500W, with control module

CODE: VOLT SINUS PLUS 1500 24V / EAN: 5907768270513
134,31 GBP with VAT
Input voltage: 24V
Output voltage: 230V
Type of conversion: DC/AC



The SINUS PLUS 1500 24V voltage converter is used to supply electrical equipment requiring 230V AC voltage from batteries and car installations with 12V or 24V DC voltage. The device can also be used as an emergency power source for devices requiring continuous power supply, such as furnaces and CO pumps.

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PLUS version

The PLUS version additionally offers a control panel with cable, which can be connected to the inverter and managed remotely using the button on the panel. There are also 2 LEDs on the panel, which inform the user about the inverter status (ON/OFF, error)

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Sinusoidal run

The distinguishing feature of sinus inverters from classic AC/DC straight inverters is the generation at the output sine waveform alternating voltage, identical to that of the power supply. Thanks to the sine waveform, the inverter enables the power supply of equipment equipped with electric motors and transformers, such as power tools, pumps and low-power household appliances.


Features / filters
Input voltage 24V
Output voltage 230V
Type of conversion DC/AC

Technical data:
Total power 1500 W
Rated power 1000 W
Input voltage range 21 - 28 VDC
Output voltage range 220 - 240 VAC
Output voltage frequency 50 Hz (+- 5 %)
Unloaded current 300 mA
Efficiency >= 92 %
Protection against under-voltage Beep, red light, automatic shutdown


The device has overload protection?

Yes, at a load greater than 120 % the device shall automatically switch off.

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