SINUS PRO UPS 2000S 24V 20A | Power supply | 2000W
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SINUS PRO UPS 2000S 24V 20A | Power supply | 2000W

SINUS PRO UPS 2000S 24V 20A | Power supply | 2000W

CODE: VOLT SINUS PRO UPS 2000S 24V / EAN: 5903111886417
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Battery voltage in UPS: 24V
UPS power (VA): 2000
UPS - charging current: 20A
Voltage (V) / Power (W): 24V / 2000W



The PSU is designed to supply power to electrical devices that require 230V AC voltage from 12V DC batteries. Series S has a solid and elegant casing and an additional direct input for solar panels and a priority switch for the solar / network operating modes. The power supply can be used as an emergency power source for devices that require continuous power supply, such as furnaces and CO pumps.

sinus pro 2000s

It is housed in one housing with a colour display:

  • Automatic mains voltage stabiliser AVR
  • 15 A mains charger for battery charging
  • 60 A MPPT solar regulator for charging batteries from a set of solar panels
  • The SINUS pure SINUS converter based on toroidal transformer

Toroidal transformer

The toroidal transformer used in the construction of the power supply toroidal transformer compensates for different reactive power of the receivers, thanks to which capacitive, inductive and resistive loads can be combined. In addition, the inverter flexibly reacts to overloads such as starting pumps, compressors and motors. The power supply can operate in UPS mode, which ensures continuous and trouble-free operation.


Key features

  • A pure sinusoidal output signal, making the power supply compatible with refrigerators, freezers, fridges, fridges, televisions, fluorescent lamps, fluorescent tubes, etc.
  • Building based on an efficient toroidal transformer
  • Double control of the main processor's operation
  • Solar PWM charger(s) with very high efficiency
  • Wide input frequency range, automatic 50/60 Hz detection
  • Intelligent switching between power supply priorities for better performance and less energy loss
  • Half the range of protections and alarms: overload, short circuit, overvoltage and under-voltage protections, temperature
  • Easy to use display for viewing key functions


Sinusoidal voltage

The main feature that distinguishes sinus inverters from the classic AC/DC converter is that the output voltage is generated in a sinusoidal alternating waveform, identical to that of the mains, which allows the equipment to be powered with electric motors and transformers.


Features / filters
Battery voltage in UPS 24V
UPS power (VA) 2000
UPS - charging current 20A
Voltage (V) / Power (W) 24V / 2000W

Technical data
Total power (momentary) 2000 VA
Rated power (continuous) 1400 W
Cooperation with solar panels Yes (built-in solar regulator)
Solar controller 30 A MPPT | ~ 36V 24 - 50 V
AVR voltage regulator Yes. 140-275 VAC.
Charging current (mains) 20 A
Charging voltage (mains) 27.6V±0.5V | BUILT-IN CHARGER ON/OFF SWITCH
Built-in battery No
Battery voltage / -ów 24 VDC

Cooling radiators + fans
Operating temperature 0-40 degrees C
Dimensions [mm] 285x140x355

Weight [Kg] 10,3
Permissible supply voltage range Switching to battery power is done when the mains voltage is lower than 160 V (+- 5 V) or higher than 260 V (+- 5 V)
Supply voltage frequency 45 Hz ~ 65 Hz
Output voltage range Mains voltage regulator: 204 - 240 V, uninterruptible power supply UPS: 230 V (+- 3%)
UPS output voltage frequency 50 Hz (+- 0.5 Hz)
Overload protection (battery power supply) In the event of an overload of 110 % - 130 %, the power supply is disconnected after 30 seconds. If the overload is more than 130 %, the power supply shall be cut off immediately.
Overload protection (mains supply) The device warns of overload until the fuses are tripped.
Permissible humidity 10 % RH ~ 90 % RH


What type of power supply?

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Does the power supply work with solar panels?

Yes, the power supply works with solar panels.

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