SINUS UPS 500X 12V | Power supply | 500W
SINUS UPS 500X 12V | Power supply | 500W

SINUS UPS 500X 12V | Power supply | 500W

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Battery voltage in UPS: 12V
UPS power (VA): 500
UPS - charging current: 10A


SINUS PRO-500W 12V emergency power supply unit

TheVOLT SINUS PRO UPS 500W is a computer-assisted emergency power supply from the SINUS PRO series, combining high-performance pure sine wave DC/AC converters. In the event of a 230V mains or photovoltaic power failure, the device switches to battery mode, which allows for further operation of the system and protection against irretrievable data loss.

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The feature that distinguishes sinus-type uninterruptible power supplies from simple cluster AC/DC converters is the generation of purely sinusoidal alternating voltage at the output, identical to that of the mains. The device includes the pure sine wave DC/AC functions, UPS emergency switch, mains voltage stabiliser (AVR), battery charger (charger) and the necessary protection for the operation of the device together with the solar controller and photovoltaic. Thanks to the use of a colour display, the device allows you to monitor the most important operating parameters of the system. The power supply is a series of line-interactiveemergency power supplies.


Device characteristics

  • The functions of DC/AC converter, UPS and
    automatic battery charger
  • The toroidal transformer used in the inverter provides high efficiency and low idling current.
  • The device is much more energy efficient than older constructions using transformers with
    with E-cores
  • High-speed 32-bit microprocessor for accurate and trouble-free operation
  • Intuitive and simple operation thanks to the colour LED display, which informs about the current status
    operation of the device (input and output voltage, battery status, charging, etc.)
  • The inverter produces pure sine wave voltage at the output, which makes it possible to work with practically
    any kind of load
  • High battery charging current (exact values in the table with technical specifications)
  • Charge current can be changed with a button and the charger can be switched off
  • Quick changeover from mains to UPS mode for uninterrupted operation
    connected devices
  • Intelligent cooling fan control, depending on the actual device temperature and
    operating status of the inverter
  • AC (mains) / SOLAR (battery) priority switch

Display elements and symbols



Features / filters
Battery voltage in UPS 12V
UPS power (VA) 500
UPS - charging current 10A

Technical data:
Total power (momentary): 500VA
Rated power (continuous) 300W
Idle current <1A
Voltage 140~275VAC
Frequency 45~65Hz
Voltage 230VAC +/- 1% in battery mode, 230VAC +/- 8% in mains AVR mode,
Frequency 50Hz +/- 0.5Hz,
Course of tension pure sinusoid
Distortion <3%,
Built-in battery No
Choice of charging current (5/10A) No
Safeguards Overload, temperature, over and under voltage, before battery discharge, short circuit, before overload,
Switching time network / battery <=4ms,
Battery voltage 12VDC
Maximum charging current 10A
Dimensions 230 x 145 x 180mm (W x L x H),
Mass 5.1KG




What are SINUS PRO inverters designed for?

SINUS PRO series converters are designed for office and home applications, they should not be used together with special equipment, the failure of which could cause material damage or threaten life (e.g. industrial and medical equipment).

Can the device be overloaded?

Do not overload the device. Operation under load greater than shift load may damage the inverter.

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