VPRO 65 Ah 12V | Accumulator | AGM VRLA
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VPRO 65 Ah 12V | Accumulator | AGM VRLA

VPRO 65 Ah 12V | Accumulator | AGM VRLA

CODE: VOLT VPRO 65AH / EAN: 5903760240585
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Battery capacity: 65 Ah
Output voltage: 12V
Colour: Black
Type of battery: Battery


Safe VPRO 65 Ah 12V battery

VPRO 65Ah 12V battery is made in VRLA/AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) technology, so it can work in any position - under normal operating conditions it does not emit gases. Thanks to its tightness, the battery is not harmful to the environment and is designed, among others, for use in emergency power supply systems (UPS, automation system), solar installations and to work with voltage converters. The battery works best in buffer charging systems, but the battery can also be used in applications where cyclic operation is required. The designed battery life is 8-10 years for operation at temperatures of about 20-25 degrees Celsius. The accumulator has about 650 cycles of operation.

vpro-65-ah-12v battery

AGM VRLA standard

The AGM VRLA type batteries are the most popular back-up power supply design. The VRLA battery is characterized by an internal construction based on separators made of glass fibre, where the electrolyte is concentrated. The separators are placed between the lead plates inside the battery's energy storage. An additional feature of the batteries used in the standard is having an automatic sealing system (pressure valves - Valve Regulated). When too high a pressure is detected inside the battery, the valves open, causing safe discharge of the resulting gas outside the casing, preventing damage. The battery housing is made of ABS material and the cells are made of copper.

The most common applications of AGM VRLA batteries include

  • Unhall power supply systems (UPSs, inverters);
  • Alarm systems;
  • Photovoltaic installations;
  • Access control systems;
  • Power supply for cash registers;
  • Closed TV systems;
  • Power supply for electric toys;
  • Telecommunication systems;
  • Support lighting systems;
  • Power supply for medical equipment;
  • Power supply for scooters, mopeds.


Features / filters
Battery capacity 65 Ah
Output voltage 12V
Colour Black
Type of battery Battery

Capacity (25 °C) 65 Ah
Voltage 12V
Maximum charging current 19,5 A
Total height 179 mm
Height 179 mm
Width 166 mm
Length 350 mm
Weight 20,4 Kg +- 4 %
Internal resistance (25 °C): 6.5 mΩ at full charge
Own unloading 2-3 % per month at 25 °C
Capacity (40 °C) 102%
Capacity (25 °C) 100 %
Capacity (0 °C) 65 %
Capacity (-15 °C) 65 %
Buffer loading 13.5 - 13.8 V (-18 mV/C)
Cyclic charging 14.5 - 15.0 V (-30 mV/C)


How long has the battery lasted?

The designed battery life is 8-10 years at the manufacturer's intended use under optimal conditions.

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