Xiaomi Dreame V11 | Handheld wireless vacuum cleaner | 125 000
Xiaomi Dreame V11 | Handheld wireless vacuum cleaner | 125 000 rpm 150AW, 450W

Xiaomi Dreame V11 | Handheld wireless vacuum cleaner | 125 000 rpm 150AW, 450W

CODE: XIAOMI DREAME V11 - VVN6 / EAN: 6972086390273
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Colour: SilverRed
Mopping function: No
Type of vacuum cleaner: Manual, wireless


Xiaomi Dreame V11 cordless vacuum cleaner

The Dreame V11 is the latest model of a cordless vacuum cleaner from Xiaomi. It has high suction power, low weight and exceptional mobility, allowing you to clean every corner of your home in comfort. The Xiaomi Dreame V11 is equipped with a powerful motor reaching up to 125000 rpm (25000Pa), and an excellent filtering system with high autonomy. Moreover, the vacuum cleaner uses a 3000 mAh battery, which allows for a 90-minute run time. The grey and red design of the vacuum cleaner will fit into any interior.

Xiaomi Dreame V11 cordless vacuum cleaner

Powerful 150 AW 25000 Pa motor

The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a powerful new generation Dreame Space 4.0 engine, which rotates at 125 000 rpm with 150aW of power. The device allows you to use different modes of operation.

  • ECO Mode - A mode useful especially on hard floors or in houses without pets.
  • Turbo Mode - The strongest power, providing up to 150aW at 25000 Pa suction power.
Xiaomi Dreame V11

12 cone self-cleaning cyclone

All the dirt collected by the Dreame V11 goes into a 5 litre tank, which will contain a filtration system consisting of 12 cones that help improve filtration efficiency.

Particle filtration on 5 levels

Cyclone technology and numerous V11 filters retain up to 99.67% of micro-particles of dust and mites, restoring clean air to the home. The Xiaomi Dreame V11 vacuum cleaner is recommended for people suffering from allergies or respiratory diseases.

Xiaomi Dreame V11

Different brushes for different surfaces

Xiaomi Dreame has excellent flexibility both horizontally and vertically, giving us the ability to clean under furniture without too much effort. Additionally, the construction of the vacuum cleaner is designed so that the weight is focused on the handle, so you can clean not only the floor but also all kinds of surfaces such as ceilings, curtains, sofas etc.

  • Soft roller brush - This is a soft cashmere brush, ideal for all types of floors (including carpets and rugs) and effectively removes animal hair.
  • Mite brush - This brush is designed to effectively capture dirt, hair, microparticles and all kinds of allergens from softer and softer surfaces such as beds, sofas and pillows.
  • Flat brush - Thanks to the flat nozzle, you can vacuum out hard-to-reach corners or crevices.
  • Small brush - The round brush is ideal for vacuuming curtains and fabrics, and you can also use the brush to remove hair from sofas and beds.

Xiaomi Dreame V11 brushes

Up to 90 minutes on a single charge

The Xiaomi Dreame V11 cordless vacuum cleaner is powered by a 3000 mAh battery, which provides up to 90 minutes on a single charge, allowing you to clean even large houses.

Integrated OLED display

Integrated OLED display

The Dreame V11 is equipped with an OLED screen that allows you to check the available battery level, filter status and selected suction power at any time.


Features / filters
Colour Silver, Red,
Mopping function No
Type of vacuum cleaner Manual, wireless

Technical data:
Rated power 450W
Battery capacity 3000 mAh
Net weight 1.6 kg
Charging time 4 hours
Engine Dreame Space 4.0
Duration of operation Up to 90 minutes
Suction power 150AW
Filtration system 12-point self-cleaning cyclone, 5-stage filtration
Maximum capacity of the dust container 0,5l
Rated voltage 25,2V


What is the working time on one charge?

The Xiaomi Dreame V11 provides up to 90 minutes on one charge.

What is the maximum capacity of the dust container?

Xiaomi Dreame V11 has a 0.5L dust container

What is the weight of the device?

1.6 KG

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